Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spider-Man Brand New Day (or more like outdated old crap made worse by bad writing)

Yep, still hating on BND. It's like it gets worse and worse with every issue.

When is Amazing finally going to bring back Peter Parker? I'm just so tired of seeing Nick Katzenberg and Eric O'Grady's lovechild starring in Spidey's book.

What is it about this smug arrogant, waste of space papparazi slime bag loser that some people seem to like so much? What is it about this unlikeable, arrogant childish immature idiot clearly suffering from a midlife crisis that's supposed to be so fun and entertaining?

Is it just me who reads comic books to read about heroes? Is it just me who doesn't want to read a comic book about an utter and total failure surrounded by one dimensional excuses for a supporting cast and lame and predictable pretenses at new villains who are just third rate copycats of established bad guys?

When I read the Peter Parker currently in Amazing, I feel embarrassed for the character. That might be because I hate reading or watching people make fools of themselves, but it's there nonetheless.

I love Spider-Man, always have, but the character using his name in Amazing, just isn't him, won't ever be him and has less in common with old Spidey than the guys in the Great Lake Initiative do.

Why is it that people like Slott pretend to love Spidey and then write him as if they despise the character and just want to show everyone else why this character is so disgusting? Why is it that these new Spider-Man writers seem to want to make a point of saying: "Jonah Jameson was right all along, Spider-Man is just an irresponsible menace and Peter Parker is a sleazy jerk who takes advantage of his boss' good nature."

Why is it that Jonah is the only likeable character in any of the issues of BND so far?

And if I see one more note about webbing being expensive, I'm going to find a way to finance a trip to the US, grab these writers by their ears, drag them into a room with all the issues of Spider-Man ever published and force them to read every last one of them. Because webbing is NOT expensive, has NEVER been expensive and was something both Peter and Ben Reilly were able to afford on a minimum wage.

End of rant.

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