Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Avengers Initiative Insitute

Just thought I'd mention it, it's an RPG I just signed up for. What can I say, it's the kind of thing I've been hoping to find for a while now.

Avengers Initiative Institute

Universe: "What If: Civil War" AU
Title Focus: General Marvel
Name of Game: Avengers Initiative Institute
Format: Forum
Allow Original Characters?: Yes. But all OCs are very carefully looked at for different things. We don't want any random kids of superheroes, or all might super strong OCs who can beat up everyone.
Mod/Admin Point of Contact: AIM: NittleGrasper083 - Email:
Pimp: The Stranger didn't just walk away from Tony Stark that dark rainy day, he gave him a choice. To relive the day he had offered Captain America his hand and have the two teams of Avengers once again united, or to continue to live each day with the regrets of what could have been.

Tony choose to go back!

Now together with Captain America, Tony Stark aka Ironman put an end to the Super Human Registration Act once and for all, and built in it's place a new program. Their program is to help the younger and sometimes older would-be heroes of today and tomorrow, they called their program:

The Avengers Initiative Institute!

We are in need of ALL Marvel Characters!

We are NOT accepting ANY Super-villains at this time!


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