Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Ultimate Spider-Man 122

I just finished my third reread of the issue and I loved it as much the third time as I did the first time. The art looks great as always and is wonderful at displaying the emotions of the characters.

I loved how the issue gave depth to the Shocker, a character that up to now had been a bit of a joke as far as Ultimate Spider-Man is concerned. It also laid seeds for possible future plotlines with Roxxon now that the Kingpin's out of the way for a bit.

Great use of both Mary Jane and Kitty Pryde, showing them caring about Peter and helping him out, while being logical and trying to do things right. There's also a great use of a previous plotpoint with MJ trying to work for the school news thing.

I'm seriously interested if we get to see captain Quaid again. It's nice to see Peter caring about the consequences of his actions, and how he keeps thinking, even while he's trapped.
Great issue.

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