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Poor Trees thinks she's being punished. And Tess, our other dog doesn't understand why she's being punished as well.

The vet (suddenly remembered the word) said that Trees wasn't allowed to drink or eat today. And since they eat and drink from the same buckets, that means Tess can't get anything either.
(though I did just spend five minutes trying to get Tess to drink since she knew I'd put the water out of reach again afterwards.

For the record that's not as long as you may think. She came back from the vet around six o'clock in the evening, slept till seven thirty and it's already twelve o'clock now, so in a few hours they'll both get to eat and drink again.

The hard part was keeping Trees with my mom while I fed Tess a cheese sandwich. I let her eat some of the dog food as well. I think she's still hungry.
Trees just gave that look of 'What about me?' that's just heartbreaking, but we can't risk anything. Don't know how bad the drugs were that the vet used for anesthetics.

And I still want to kill my brother.
Can you believe that when he came home from the vet he dared to joke, pretending that Trees was dead...
Does he mean to drive me crazy?
Isn't that a justifiable reason to kill someone, just wondering...

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