Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

What shows are you watching?

You know that meme that's going around, about how we don't all see the same shows, even if we watch the same series.

These are mine.

Highlander: 'The Duncan Macleod saves the day with his friends show, also known as the Methos is awesome'- show.

Buffy: 'The redemption of the vampire Spike'-show

Angel: 'The story of Spike's grandsire Angel and his family'-show

Torchwood: 'Jack and Owen show, with some other people as well.'-show

Doctor Who: 'The story of the last Timelord and his human pets'-show

Sarah Connor Chronicles: 'The most awesome mom in the universe show, or how John grew up to be a hero'-show

Moonlight: 'Mick and his buddy Joseph' show

New Amsterdam: 'The immortal who can have kids'-show

Highlander Raven: The Nick Wolfe show

Battlestar Galactica 1980: The am I the only one who likes this version of the show best show?

Spectacular Spider-Man: 'the how can the animated show get it so right when Amazing currently sucks'-show

Star Trek (any of them): 'the travelling back to our time show, evne if it only happens in one ep out of every hundred or so'-show

I'd do Anything: 'The Jodie is great' show

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