Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Trees is sick

I'm scared.
Stefaan took our oldest dog to the animal docter. He just returned with her. Poor dog's still sleeping. I'm worried as hell. She's breathing,thank God. But still...

She'd been coughing for days and my brother and me were really getting worried about her. Turns out she's got a throat infection and that she was bleeding in her throat.
She also had a bad tooth.

She's now sleeping in the living room in front of the fire, so she's warm. Couldn't put her on my mom's bed where she normally sleeps since Stefaan says she might throw up or uh stuff... I'm hoping she'll wake up within two hours. To see her lying there like that. Her tongue limply hanging out of her snout.

Her chest barely moving up and down from breathing.

We're thinking of taking the second dog in as well. You never know she might have the infection as well. ( I did hear her cough at least once or twice)
Hoping mom helps in paying. I'll probably add money if necessery, but I still don't have much.

Really hope she comes out fine.

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