Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Yet another rant on Brand New Day

I've been thinking about BND, and one huge problem I have with the current supporting cast is that Lilly Hollister, whom the writers see as the new love interest, is boring as hell. She is so one dimensional that she makes Gwen Stacy look interesting and coming from me that's saying something.

Not only is she's a clear sufferer from the designated love interest syndrome, but on top of that, they seem to have given her only two defining features.

1. She's Harry Osborn's girlfriend
2. She's this politician's daughter

And that's it, that's all the writers deem important about this character.

I'm just saying, why should I give a damn about a character who's only importance is in how she relates to the male characters around her?

This isn't just me being a Mary Jane/Peter shipper and wanting to get the marriage back, this is a pure case of bad writing and clear disinterest with female characters by the male writers of Amazing.

Carly might be salvageable, but Lilly... they'd have to completely rewrite her, to give her even a hint of a personality. (kinda like the writers of the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon did with Gwen Stacy)

In fact, right now, I'm more interested in seeing Peter get together with Vic Tanner, the cop that keeps showing up, than I am in seeing him get anywhere near either Lilly or Carly who's tainted by proximity.

Just think about it, if they'd made Vic a woman, and given said woman the exact same lines they gave the male character. Putting her in the exact same situations. Then she might actually be a potentially interesting love interest. Primarily, because she'd have a life and interests beyond who s/he's dating or who her/his daddy is.

And you'd have an understandable reason for Peter not telling him/her that he's Spider-Man, because Vic would ahve to arrest him if s/he knew.

But of course, Vic is allowed a personality, because he's male, something that female characters are no longer allowed to have since OMD started.*grumble*


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