Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spectacular Spider-Man ep 4

News at eleven, well nine: Spectacular Spider-Man still rules.

I love the repurcussions of Peter's behavior still having an effect, Harry being completely in character, instead of being turned into some millionaire playboy. I love the hints to MJ's first appearance in the comics, as the neighbour's niece with the 'great personality'.

Peter's so clueless.

But most of all, I love the ending, with Peter insisting to aunt May that he'd help her out with the money he gets from the Bugle. And her only accepting it, if he keeps ten procent to get himself a new camera. I love that his first priority is aunt May, and only then himself, as it should be.

Why is it that Marvel doesn't seem willing to give us 'this Spider-Man' in Amazing. It's not that I mind Peter messing up on occasion. It's that in Amazing, he does nothing but mess up. Both as Peter and as Spidey. Don't they get that Peter might be seen as a loser, but that doesn't mean he really is a loser, and that there's a huge difference between the perception and the reality of loserdom?


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