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The not so Amazing and utterly despisable Spider-Man 544

A letter I just send to the Spideyoffice over at Marvel. I doubt they'd ever print it, but I had to get it off my chest.

Dear Editors,

I've been a Spider-Man fan for over 20 years. I started reading as a little 10 year old girl, reading first the dutch translations and then moving on to the english version of the comics as soon as I found a shop where I could get them. And over the years, though there were many other comics or heroes I enjoyed, Spider-Man was always my favorite. The one hero, super- or otherwise that I could most relate to.

Peter Parker was someone that I could look up to, someone who was kind, heroic, decent, capable, competent. Someone who was better than a regular person, but close enough to a regular person that a kid like me, and then the teenager and the adult I became could believe we could reach close to being the good person he was.

I loved his marriage, because his need for commitment, for a long-term, preferably permanent relationship, something that was part of the comic from the start, was something I longed for as well.

I read back-issues and thanked God, and well mister Conway that they got rid of that insult to women, aka Gwen Stacy, the most boring and annoying excuse for a character ever. It was nice to read a book where for once the hero wasn't a single male, who was going from one woman to the next, which tends to be boring as hell. To find a book where female characters aren't just cardboard eye candy, only there for the 'hero' to get together with or not get together with. With an utter lack of personality on every other count.

To find a book where the hero's love interest, wasn't just some sweet mindless girl waiting for the hero to save her. To find a woman like Mary Jane who was strong, competent, capable, with depths and layers. Something that because she was married to the hero, that the writers were forced to deal with as a character, as someone with her own ideas, rather than as boobs and ass, the way male writers often do with female characters.

When aunt May found out that Peter was Spider-Man, it finally returned to May a purpose, making her more than a plot device and making her a wise mentor, once again showing that Spider-Man was a book about strong women, as well as a strong man.
It saved her from the uselessness the character had had since her return from the death.

Sure there were some weak points, over the years. Mackie getting rid of MJ last time, every time Marvel tried to return Spider-man to being 'young' and 'hip' which tended to make the character stale and boring whenever they tried it before. At least until they got over it and Peter was allowed to return to the rich and vibrant character he's supposed to be.

It was annoying when a rich plot point like the baby was discarded with and ignored, and one of the reasons I'm an avid follower of Spider-Girl is because it finally gave us a chance to see Peter as a father. I love Mayday, but I read Spider-Girl for the adult mature Peter Parker we get there. A Peter that Marvel seems unwilling to give us anywhere else.

But at least the regular Peter was still moral, strong and competent, someone to look up to, someone to admire and relate to. Something interesting and worth paying nine dollars a month for. Seeing as how I bought every single Spider-Man series, mini- or otherwise. I have read about 95% of all the Spider-Man comics published and I have loved most of them. Until now.

The Spider-Man shown since One More Day is NOT the Spider-Man I've been reading about for 20 years. He is not a hero, he's most definitely not the good selfless caring man who has been my favorite character since I was a kid. He is not someone I can look up to, or hope to be like. Not even remotely. In the contrary, post BND-Spider-Man is a moron. He is incompetent, retarded, utterly incapable of doing the job he's been doing for 15 years now. (cause there is no way if you actually read the comics to think he's any younger than 29 or even 30) He is the kind of man-child that still lives with his mommy, takes advantage of her and doesn't even help out around the house unless he absolutely has to. He feels so slimy that if I met him in real life I'd have to take a shower afterwards to feel clean again. He is no longer the kind of man who'd help his friends, instead he's the kind of man taking advantage of his friends.

And don't even get me started how overuse of the failing webshooters has gone from making me indifferent to mechanical webshooters to actively despising them.

His supporting cast has gone from one of the strongest in comics, to one holding cardboard cutouts like Carly and Lilly and some guy pretending to be Harry Osborn. I mean, has your Peter become so stupid that he hasn't even realized that Harry hasn't mentioned his son even once. The Harry Osborn who loved his son, would have done everything for him, hasn't mentioned his little boy, Peter's godchild even once. And we're supposed to believe that this moron isn't some Skrull pretending to be Peter Parker and failing badly?

I could take Peter getting a divorce, I could take MJ dying, what I can't take is this utter destruction of a once great character, and turning him into the irredeemable piece of shit formally known as Spider-Man. When you write a man in the Spider-Man costume who's actually as much of a menace as JJJ claims he is, then he's not worth my money.

Before One More Day, Peter was a hero who occasionally screwed up, now he's a total screw up who occasionally and very rarely at that does something ressembling heroics. Before he was a man with ethics and morality, the kind of man that even Jonah felt was 'the last honest man in town', now he'd rather take pictures out of a tree, like a papparazzi and cares more about getting some cold cash than helping people. That is NOT my Spidey, not even remotely.

None of the BND issues will go in my collection. I will not spend any more money on the regular universe Spider-Man until this crap is undone and Peter is a hero again. Cause honestly, right now zombie Spider-Man has more in common with the real Spidey than that piece of crap in Brand New Day does.

Goodbye and I'm afraid to say good riddance.

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