Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Spectacular Spider-Man rules

Just watched the third ep and I can't begin to say how much I love this show. The way they build up the characters, the interaction between them. I just love that they're making Eddie a good guy, best friend to Peter and Gwen and someone that both of them could look up to all at the same time. It will all make him much more interesting, if he ever does turn into Venom.

Gwen is nothing like she was in 616 and she actually stands up to Peter, which makes her a much better character than the one she was based on. This Gwen I could actually see Peter fall for.

I also loved that during the fight, Peter makes sure the icebears won't get hurt during his attempt to stop the Lizard, it's just a small thing, but it's so typical Peter, I just loved it.

And Peter himself is wonderful, wanting to do right for everyone and totally messing things up for himself by selling that picture. It was wonderful to see that they made it clear how good Peter is at the Spidey job, so you can really see how powerful the Lizard is when Peter has a hard time facing him. I also loved that they showed the Connors' as a family, and how the positive effects of the serum were shown before they found out the harm it was doing. It made it much more clear as to why Dr Connors would take a risk like injecting himself like that, and why he would try and come up with the serum in the first place.

Also loved them setting up the tension and the memory of uncle Ben, along with Peter realizing he did save dr Connors making him realize he can't give up.

Can't wait to see the next ep.

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