Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Multiverse meme

Pick 12 random slashable characters in any order:

1. Buffy
2. Bruce Wayne (Batman)
3. Spike
4. Charles Gunn
5. Peter Parker (Spider-Man)
6. Captain Jack (Doctor Who)
7. Steve Rogers(Captain America)
8. Tony Stark (Iron Man)
9. Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)
10.Mary Jane Watson Parker
11.Matt Murdock (Daredevil)
12.Luke Cage

Now answer the questions under the cut. No peeking at them until you create your list!

Does 10 strike you as a voyeur and/or an exhibitionist? (Mary Jane)
She's a model, so she has no problems with nakedness, she's not about to go streaking in public.

Who in all the multiverse would 11 most likely bottom to? (Matt Murdock)
Foggy Nelson or Frank Castle

Would you rather do 3 or 5? (Spike or Spider-Man)
Uhm, can I take a pass? Can't I have both? This would have to end with a coin toss up since I love both equally.

Which of 4 and 1 would you rather have do you? (Buffy or Gunn)
Gunn, I'm not really attracted to women.

12 and 2 are having sex in an airplane. Construct a snippet of dialogue that happens during this encounter. (Batman and Luke Cage)

"I don't bottom for anyone."
"Neither do I!"
"This won't do."
"Hi Selina."
"Hey Jess, Danny. Peter. See ya Bruce."
And then Bruce and Selina go have sex while Luke has fun with Jessica and Danny. While Peter wonders what's keeping MJ until they drag him in as well.

How much would you pay to see naked pictures of 11? Have you? Where can the rest of us find these pictures? (Daredevil)

Lots, I'm sure the Kingpin has some somewhere, there has to be some reason he never had Matt killed after he found out Daredevil's real identity.

Where are 5 and 9 most likely to have sex? Who on your list is most likely to write a trashy novel about it? (Spider-Man and the Green Goblin)

Somewhere in Thunderbolts mountain after Peter's been arrested by the Thunderbolts. I'd say either me or terrana

When 12 masturbates, he or she thinks about... (Luke Cage)
Either Jessica Jones or Danny Rand

What is 11's favorite sex toy? (Daredevil)

Come up with a title for a 12/7/1 threeway. Would you read it? Would you write it? What would some of the warnings be? (Luke Cage/Captain America/Buffy)

I might, I love all three so... I wouldn't write it though, I only write Buffy with Spike.
Warnings: femdom, bondage, kink, NC17, m/m/f

Who's more likely to be tied up during consensual sex, 2 or 6? (Batman or Captain Jack)
Captain Jack, even if only because Batman would have to lock him up when he's causing trouble. And he then menages to seduce poor Bruce to let him go.

If 11 and 3 are carrying on a torrid and forbidden love affair, who's most likely to spill the beans? What would the other person do to retaliate? (Daredevil and Spike)
Spike, no doubt about it, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from bragging sooner or later. Matt would kick the crap out of him, vampire powers or no powers and he knows just what would hurt Spike's sensitive ears.

As a birthday present, 7's longtime lover 5 offers to do whatever 7 wants in bed. What's 7's secret birthday wish? (Captain America and Spider-Man)

A nice night on the town, eating apple pie, maybe fighting some bad guys, ended by a nice long night of gentle love making and possibly for Peter to tie him up and have fun with him.
(And possibly for Peter to dress up as Tony)

Choose a food item for 4 and 12 to use together. (Charles Gunn and Luke Cage)
Ice cream

8 and 4 are in a fulltime relationship. Who's the top? (Iron Man and Gunn)
Not sure probably Gunn, I just can't see Gunn bottom for anyone and I think Tony might be more flexible about it.

Which fetish is 9 least likely to indulge? (Norman Osborn)

Uhm, ...incest? no scratch that. Footfetishes maybe, or exhibitionisme.

What would you do if you had 8 naked, willing, and ready in your bed? What would 5 do if he/she had 8 naked, willing and able in his/her bed? (Iron Man and Spider-Man)
Uhm I'd probably want to spank Tony. Peter would probably want to do the same after binding him with his webbing, then tickle him.

What wouldn't 10 and 4 tell their friends about their sex life, assuming they had both a mutual sex life and some friends? (MJ and Gunn)
MJ wouldn't want to tell Peter about Gunn, other than that, not much.

10 gets a tattoo to declare his/her eternal love for 9. Where is it? What does it say? (MJ and Normn Osborn)
"Help me! I've either gone crazy or been mindwiped by Mephisto?!" Somewhere on her shoulder where she could easily show it, but where it also would be easy to hide it from Norman.

Imagine that 2 writes an erotic 11/6 fic. What sort of summary might the fic he/she writes have? (Batman about Daredevil and Captain Jack)

He'd probably have written it as a mission report.
Observations of superhuman intruders in Gotham

If 2 walked into the room wearing nothing but a red thong and a feather boa, how would 8 react? (Batman and Iron Man)

Tony would love it, and he'd pull Bruce to bed, while wondering how much drugs Bruce had taken. Bruce would probably be trying to keep up his playboy persona, while trying to get information out of Tony

And the obligatory fill in the blanks erotic fairy tale! Change the numbers with the matching names on your list.:

9(Norman Osborn) and 1(Buffy) are having a quickie in a broom closet when 8(Tony Stark) walks in on them. Naturally enough, 8(Tony) joins in, first paging 3 (Spike) , who's in the middle of fucking 5 (Peter) into the mattress. 3(Spike) abandons 5(Peter) on the verge of orgasm, excited by the possibility of illicit broom closet sex, and 5 (Peter) ,irate, becomes a highly paid prostitute until the well-meaning and generous 4 (Gunn) attempts to rescue him/her. But 5 (Peter) will have none of it, refuses to be redeemed, and opens a high-class brothel in Los Angeles, where 10 (Mary Jane) is one of his/her regular clients.


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