Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Alright, posting this outside of the World Idol community.

How many people actually watched World Idol and how many of you feel that Kelly Clarkson is any good?

I mean, I watched her for the first time this thursday and in all honesty. I thought she was average as hell.
She reminded me a bit of the Belgian runner up Natalia, only Natalia was a hell of a lot better than this Kelly. When Natalia sang R&B, when she sang Aretha for crying out loud, you could feel shivers crawling on your spine. And I didn't even vote for her. With Kelly... she's just one of many...
Standard, prepacked music...

Sure she's good, but there are plenty of good singers out there and she just doesn't stand out. She's really nothing special...
Now I hear she had a cold last night, don't know.
Might have something to do with it.

Even then, I still don't get why people like her so much.

Still hoping for Kurt to win.
Peter's my man, and I wish he had a chance, but since most likely he doesn't. My vote's on Kurt.
Idol of Middle Earth...pfff, who cares about looks, it's the voice I give a damn about. (Simon Cowell die die die)

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