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fic: And the world will know (4/?)

Title: And the world will know
Authors: co-written by liliaeth and XxBrooklynnxX
Summary: One glimpse was all it took, one moment of being caught on tape and Peter's life would never be the same.
Categories: Fanfiction, Fanfiction > Spider-Man, Fanfiction > Spider-Man > Spider-Man Movies Characters: Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, May Parker (Aunt May), Peter Parker (Spiderman), Matt Murdock (Daredevil), Captain George Stacy
Genre: Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Friendship
Warning: Character Death

Previous Chapters


Peter still sat down, but he had grabbed hold of the desk and imprints of his thumbs started showing in the metal.

Captain Stacy stood up before he could do anything..

"What do you think you’re doing, you have no right to interrupt this interrogation!"

"The government has every right, sir."

Government, bland, open, could be any agency in the letter soup that made up the intelligence community. Peter had seen the movies, he’d read the books, this kind of thing never read good for the hero.

"This is an interrogation?" the second fed asked mockingly, while glaring very obviously at the donuts and the coffee.

"What does it look like to you?" Stacy asked harshly. “Mr. Parker is not in custody, as there are no warrants for his alias. And even so, the government--"

"Captain, please," the first agent stopped him.

"What does the government want with me?" Peter asked.

"To throw you in a cell and have you as their personal lab rat!" Stacy spat. "Mr. Parker is this city's mascot, for god's sake. He is not going anywhere."

"Mister Parker's condition," the first fed practically spat out the last word, "is most likely the result of a government sponsored experiment that was stopped years ago at Oscorp. As a result of that program he belongs to the government, to make sure he is not a threat to the general population.”

"A threat? He helps old ladies cross the street! He saves kids from burning buildings. He's not a threat!"

"Do you guys read the Bugle?" Peter asked. They pretty much ignored him, focusing all their attention on the Captain.

“Quiet, Peter." Stacy told him and Peter listened. It was easy to listen to the captain, he looked so much like uncle Ben..

"Spider-Man has helped this city in more ways than you can count!"

"There is no proof that Mr. Parker simply arrived at the scene as he said or if he was in league with the criminals to gain--"

"To gain what? Attention? Fame? Rocks thrown at me?" Peter interrupted. "If I wanted fame I'd go on Oprah. But I risk my neck every single day to help people. Why? I dunno. Call me crazy. But I have the power to help people. And I help them. It's my responsibility."

"Your responsibility?" the first fed asked. "We have cops to do that kind of thing!"

"Could the cops stop the Green Goblin? Doc Ock? Venom? Sandman?" Peter asked him.

"If you wanted to stop criminals, you should have joined police academy, like every other law abiding citizen that wants to do so."

"Like they'd let me join once they found out I could stick to walls."

"Do you think this is a joke, you bastard? Good men died when Osborn went insane, what's to stop you from going the same way?"

"I’m not insane! That's the difference!" Peter shouted. "I know what I'm doing and I am helping people, no matter what you want to believe."

"That serum that affected Osborn, that probably affected you, is government property. And that makes you property of the United States, until the authorities find a way to duplicate it."

"You have no means of testing him!" Stacy said. "Why are you feds so stubborn and blind about these things? Osborn was a sad case. But--"

"The Goblin and Spider-Man both emerged at the same time. Coincidence, or proof that both of them were in league together and were both created by whatever serum Osborn whipped together."

Peter moaned. "You didn't even mention Harry. He had the glider, the pumpkin bombs--he was the New Goblin! How can you say I was affected by the serum and not Harry?"

"I didn't say that," the fed said. "But I will say that both Osborn's are under a full investigation."

"I've been meaning to ask you about Harry as well," Captain Stacy said.

"I'm not gonna say anything with these guys here. Take your fancy suits and walk on outta here. They'll just twist my words and make me their lab rat. They're worse than Jameson!" Peter blurted out. Peter felt like he was caught in a trap, the captain might try and protect him, but what if there was nothing he could do. What if those guys got to take Peter and start experimenting on him? Would he ever be free again? He started to sweat.

"Yeah, we don't need you to talk, Parker."

Peter tensed up, like a coil in a spring, ready to break at any moment.

One of the feds grabbed a pair of cuffs and was about ready to make a move towards Peter. Peter's spider-sense was blaring and Peter started looking at the one-way glass window. He didn't notice that both Captain Stacy and the other cop near the door that he hadn’t even seen before were reaching for their guns, and neither of them were eying Peter; their eyes were hooked right on the feds.


All stared at the door and the red-haired man in it. He wore dark sunglasses that complimented his facial features. "I seem to be in the right place at least."

He was carrying a white cane and bumped it against the door.

"Who are you?" one of the fed snapped

"I am Mathew Murdock, attorney at law. I've been hired by the state of New York to represent a. Peter Benjamin Parker in the court of law."

"Court? I'm going to court now?" Peter asked.

The lawyer smiled. "This will be a case no one's seen before. If I may have a moment alone with Mr. Parker, please?" he asked. Captain Stacy was happy to oblige. The feds, on the other hand, snarled, but finally relented and put their guns and cuffs away. Mr. Murdock waited until he heard the door close to speak.

"Mister Parker, as the city's semi-official mascot, the mayor felt it no more than understandable that we should come to your defense."

"They do?" that was a new one, he was used to coming to peoples defense, not the other way around.

"Yes, they might not say it, but they're getting a lot of revenue from tourist trade, merchants and so on, being the city of Spider-Man. If the city allowed said 'mascot' to be attacked and didn't interfere, the PR would be disastrous. In other words, their covering their own backs."
Yep, that’s move believable.

"But I don't need a lawyer, do I?"

"You're a celebrity now Mr. Parker. There will be people filing lawsuits against you just to be a nuisance and hoping to get you to pay up out of court. It's my job to make sure that doesn't happen."

"Law suits? People are suing me now?"

Murdock nodded. "You have the owner of the apartment building that caught on fire on Thanksgiving, when the Goblin was still running around. He says you started it."

When? I barely got the tenants out of that building, he thought, but all he said was:


"And then there's the biggest one, J. Jonah Jameson. He's suing you for the photos you took of yourself and sold to him."

"Oh come on! Those practically tripled the amount of papers he sold. He should be paying me for letting him have them!” Peter snapped. “Paying me more I mean.” There was nothing left to do but shake his head. "Jameson is suing Spider-Man. Somehow that doesn't surprise me."

"He's got a strong case. Have you read the paper today? His editorial is practically a full two pages."

"Yeah, I read the Bugle in between interrogations and police escorts," Peter replied with added sarcasm.

“Peter... it's alright that I call you Peter?"

Peter raised his hands in a motion of surrender. "Peter, the Bugle's case right now is the only one that'll actually hold up in court. But we can deal with it; especially since I'm sure the Bugle would probably not want the publicity for attacking the city's hero."

"You don't know Jameson do you?"

"Personally?" Murdock asked.

"Or at all? Jameson hates me. Hates Spider-Man. Why, I really don't know. He doesn't trust what I do, like a lot of people. He told me he trusts his barber more than he trusts Spider-Man."

Murdock laughed. "Have you tried talking to him?"

It was Peter's turn to laugh. "Me with or without my costume, and him with or without a torch and pitchfork to start a mob? This is the man who saw me save his life and then accused me of attacking him”

"When the goblin attacked, you mean?" The lawyer asked.

"Yes. He's not willing to listen to reason. Half the articles he writes about me are lies, and the ones that have some truth in them are twisted so much that you'd need a looking glass to find those truths."

"So basically, he's been committing libel?"

"I called it slander, but..."

"That gives us an opening. If he goes after you for the pictures, we catch him on the lies he's spread about you."

"Could we really?" Peter sat there stunned, he hadn’t even considered the possibility.

"I'd have to have my assistants check it out, but from what I've heard, I'm pretty sure we could. All we have to do is prove it. With your identity known Peter, there is no reason you can't go after him for trying to force the opinion of the public against you. The law defends our reputations as well as our lives and property."

"And freedom of speech," Peter noted.

"Freedom of press does not allow a newspaper to use lies to spread hatred and ruin someone’s reputation without proof."

"So...we can get him for using Freedom of the Press to the extreme?"

“You're not hiding behind a mask anymore and that gives you every right to defend said reputation in a court of law."

"But I can't pay for that."

"Peter, when I said the city sent me, I meant it. My bill is picked up by the mayor's office. See it as a thank you for saving the city from nuclear destruction. Believe me, compared to what you saved this city, the money they're paying on me is nothing."

Peter sat there stunned. “But I don't want to be famous."

"That's a first," Murdock said. "You don't have much of a choice."

"No," Peter said. "At one point I was thinking of that. I wanted to make some money, so I entered this...wrestling contest. I was looking out for me. And, in the mix of it all, that fame that looked so good caused my Uncle's death."

"I understand,” Matt said.

"No. You really don't."

Murdock stood still for a second, a smile was playing on his face and Peter couldn't help wondering what the man was about.

"So what's with the glasses inside?" Peter asked. “Trying to start a new fashion trend? Try bright red and blue tights. Soon everyone’s doing it.”

Murdock pulled off his glasses, showing blank, white pupils. Peter cringed. He really was stupid sometimes.

"I'm sorry," Peter said.

"The cane wasn't hint enough, huh?"

Peter shook his head. But then he remembered that his lawyer was blind, so he spoke, "No. I...I guess not I'm really, really sorry." Peter looked downwards. "I guess I was a bit... preoccupied. Sorry."

"Believe it or not, I understand. Your entire world just changed."

Peter swallowed. "Nothing is ever going to be the same ever again."

"Peter, things change. Change is scary, and we don't want it to happen. But everything changes."

“I’m…I’m scared.”

Matt felt across the table for Peter's hand. "I know. I'm scared for you. Peter, everything is going to change. But you're strong. You'll get through this."

"But what about my family? My Aunt? What if my enemies go after her again?"

But Matt Murdock had no answers and neither did Peter. He wondered suddenly what MJ was doing, he hoped she was alright.

“Peter,” Matt said. “my father died when I just a kid. It’s why I became a lawyer, why I try to do the right thing, to make him proud. I do understand. I really do.”


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