Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

My opinion on Amazing Spider-Man's new status quo

It's a horribly bad, outdated, boring and cliché status quo.

See I've been thinking about it, and there are at least four things they could have done in the first issue of BND to make him more likeable that they didn't.

1. Do NOT start the issue with Peter kissing that girl, in fact, don't have him kissing any girls other than MJ for at least twenty issues. Slapping the fans, is not a good way to keep them interested. (well except maybe for a rare few)

2. Instead of aunt May waking Peter up, show Peter in the kitchen, busy at the stove and aunt May coming downstairs with Peter asking her, "do you want some wheatcakes?" (Added with some newspapers clearly lying on the kitchen table with jobads circled, )
Maybe even add a line of Peter trying to give May some money for rent and have May refusing, making it clear that Peter is contributing to the household and not just taking advantage of May's kindness. It makes him look like a responsible adult, rather than a lazy thirty something slacker that he is in BND.

3.Show Harry playing with little Normie. Simple thing. Or have him on the phone with Liz asking to see Normie and have her refuse if you don't want him with the kid too much. But show that Harry is still the loving caring though messed up father he was before his death. (instead of the ooc jerk cliché rich guy he's being shown as, regular MU Harry was never ever party guy, it feels like they took Ultimate Harry, made him older and shoved him in the regular Marvel Universe)

4.Show that Peter is doing something to help people, even if he isn't being Spider-Man. Make some clear reference as to why Peter isn't registering, and not just because he's too selfish and scared of revealing his secret identity.

Just four simple things, and it would have made both the books and Peter look much much better than he did. There's more but those are just the first four to come to mind.

And oh yes, it would also help if every single interview didn't at least include some portion of insulting the fans.

It would also help if aunt May still knew his secret identity, having her not know is boring, tired cliché and sucks major league, makes her look stupid and makes peter look bad, especially after JMS' wonderful conversation between the two of them. (which btw made it clear that not telling aunt May was the worst thing Peter ever did to her, it's one thing not to tell her when he was a teenager, but as an adult, he should know better, esp. since she already knew, or did he forget she knew? Yet another retcon, which JQ is refusing to admit is a retcon)

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