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Question I sent to CBR for the reader's question part of the interview with Joe Quesada

Mister Quesada, I have been a Spider-Man fan for over 20 years. One of the reasons I kept reading Spider-Man even through out the clone saga was because I could identify myself with a man who wanted commitment in a relationship (aka marriage). One of the main reasons I kept recommending Spider-Man during the clone saga was because Peter was going to be a father. It's what made me buy the title even when Ben Reilly, a more boring more generic version of the character, took over.

I just saw the previews for Brand New Day and I can only say that they have actively made me despise Peter Parker. I read Spider-Man because he's strongly moral, always tries to do the right thing and was one of the three moral pillars of the Marvel universe. Before One More Day Peter was one of the three figures, next to Ben Grimm and Steve Rogers, that could be expected to do the right thing and be decent people.

Post One More Day it seems you've turned this great and wonderful role model into an amoral, irresponsible, unlikeable jerk, who's clearly not even up to being a generic superhero. Who in fact has more in common with Eric O'Grady than with the great and amazing character he was before One More Day.

Could you please explain to me, why I should keep reading about this now waste of a character, stuck in a boring outdated status Quo, who's only common link with the character he was, being the costume he wears. Or even more specific, why I should allow my children to read this title? Because the Peter Parker in this title, is something I'd steer a new reader away from, due to the horrible characterization.

I mean, couldn't you just have him be a Skrull, it would be less insulting than what was done to the character.

Lore Krajsman

Questions to Mister Quesada can be sent to CBR with the subject line: One More Day Questions

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