Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Lore's christmas carol

And it's the time to be jolly and go christmas shopping.
(as soon as I get away from my cousin at least)
Time to start cooking, time to start looking.
Recipés are all looked up.
Promised my sister I'd help her with cooking.
Preparing all before leaving for hers....

Let's start out with cold Russian egg platters,
should be easy with macedonian vegetable mix...
Add to that a Tomato soup with basilicum and cream.
Small nibblets of sausage breads and salmon on a toast.
Rich cream cheese on small bread and pate.

Her boyfriend'll be cooking christmas turkey
Damn English bugger's demand for him to stay.
Means I'm stuck with dessert finishers,
Including Irish mist cream.
(if you know a better British desert I'm free to suggestions.)

Tiramisu with Mascarpone
Bavarois with Advocat
Coupelles with icecream as the last

Should be a night full of stuffing
(and not just the one in the turkey;-) )

I wish you a merry christmas or hannukah, or whatever you're celebrating for you and your kin.... And if you're not celebrating, have fun with your days off, and if you're not having off... have fun anyway

(at least you're making money instead of spending it)

Getting ready for christmas eve
And christmas day at my dad's place, wonder what grandma'll be making.

And first monday of january at my other grandmothers
And of course christmas party at Moeke Buntjes' place.

And finishing Horeca classes
And exams....
God jolly, I really don't like January....humbug.

Though I should FINALLY have a paid account by then, if I get that payment in order.



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