Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

My Yuletide recs

Title: Happy Endings Are Hard to Come By (6 K)
Recipient: Minim Calibre
Fandom: Pushing Daisies
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Olive Snook was well acquainted with loneliness.

Title: About Darn Time (6 K)
Recipient: dirty diana
Fandom: Avengers (comic)
Rating: PG
Summary: Tony meets his reward, and finally makes peace with Steve. Gen/friendship

Title: Fourth Wall (0 K)
Recipient: Apathy
Fandom: Cable & Deadpool
Rating: G
Summary: Bob, agent of HYDRA, has a very important question.

Title: Lousy With Politics (7 K)
Recipient: Yvi
Fandom: David Eddings - Belgariad Malloreon series
Rating: PG
Summary: Pre-series. A young Silk visits Tol Honeth. (Silk/Bethra, Silk/Porenn UST. No warnings, save for Tolnedran dancing.)

Title: Mar Amon, Summer (9 K)
Recipient: Casper
Fandom: David Eddings - Belgariad Malloreon series
Rating: PG
Summary: There are Great loves and small ones; sometimes a small one is what heals you.

Title: What She Wanted Most (10 K)
Recipient: Stretchy Fascist
Fandom: Fantastic Four (comic)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Sue can't forgive Reed, even though he took a bullet for. Maybe she needs some help. Bridging the gap between comics.

Title: Today's the day! (6 K)
Recipient: Liliaeth
Fandom: Spider-Man (movie)
Rating: G
Summary: Confession is good for the soul.

Title: Now We Are Parted, Now We Are Grown (9 K)
Recipient: zeldadestry
Fandom: Spider-Man (movie)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: "You don't really want me. No one does. You used to need me, remember? When people at school gave you a hard time, I was the one who protected you."
Written For: New Year Resolutions 2007

Title: Merry Meet Again (6 K)
Recipient: hammerxsword
Fandom: Stardust (movie)
Rating: G
Summary: Meetings and reunions.

Title: Metamorphosis (43 K)
Recipient: Settiai
Fandom: Santa Clause (movies)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: All Souls' Day, the day Bernard woke up human, had fallen on a Sunday that year.

Title: Lunch Meeting (2 K)
Recipient: Suaine
Fandom: Sky High (2005)
Rating: PG
Summary: A bit of Will/Warren fluff with some Layla friendship thrown in.

Title: Rock, Paper, Kisses (68 K)
Recipient: Atlantia
Fandom: Sky High (2005)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Will Stronghold's sophomore year starts off promising, but then it all goes wrong.
Will/Warren, Will/Layla.

Title: One Thing Leads To Another (17 K)
Recipient: Lithium
Fandom: Sky High (2005)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Layla deals with life post-movie. Some mentions of Layla/Will, eventual Layla/Warren.

Title: Reconnecting (19 K)
Recipient: jax
Fandom: Sky High (2005)
Rating: G
Summary: Fifteen years after, it's reunion time.

Title: Up and Away (4 K)
Recipient: Heatherly
Fandom: Homicide Life on the Street
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Post-series, Munch is ready for a change. Crossover with "Batman Begins," plus some elements from Batman comics (apologies to Frank Miller).
Written For: Yuletide 2007

Title: Right on Your Table (39 K)
Recipient: mikeneko
Fandom: Starman (tv)
Rating: PG
Summary: "Don't worry, Scott. I'm sure with you safely tucked away there's no fear of losing track of your progenitor for long. We'll have him soon."

Title: The Stages of the Game (17 K)
Recipient: zenfu
Fandom: Stephen King - The Long Walk
Rating: R
Summary: These are the stages of the last game of Peter McVries' life.

Title: Unlikely Alliance (104 K) (Format: html, text-only)
Recipient: kezya
Fandom: Zorro (1990 tv)
Rating: G
Summary: After being kicked out of office, Luis Ramon is forced into a reluctant alliance with his worst foe, and what happens next teaches Diego that he should not take certain things for granted. Set shortly after episode ten, second season : "white sheep of the family".

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