Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Amazing Spider-Man 545 and BND

I just read the issue and I can say only one thing...

Thank God I ended my subscription to Amazing and transferred all remaining issues to Spider-Girl.

I expected it to be bad, but I didn't expect it to be quite this horrifyingly bad.

I mean, it's worse than I thought it could ever be. Not only is Harry back, but to make it even worse, they ruin his char beyond anything imaginable. I mean the guy shows up with a girlfriend!
What about Liz, what about little Normie?

What about Harry's growth before his death?

The char shown in this issue doesn't even ressemble the real Harry Osborn.

And worst of all, not only does aunt May not know that Peter is Spider-Man, Peter is actually back to living with her!

Hell I'm even angrier that Aunt May no longer knows he's Spider-Man, than about the marriage. because with her no longer knowing, as it seems to be the case from both the scene we get in Amazing 545 and that FCBD issue, she's just been turned back into a waste of pagespace as if the very idea of woman that's actually shown as intelligent and competent goes in against their idea of right and wrong

It's like they want to make Peter not just a nerd, but the stereotypical nerd who still lives with his mom. There is no way whatsoever that I will give any money to read about this kind of Peter Parker, no matter who's writing it, or how pretty the art looks.

Thanks for saving me over ten dollars a month Quesada, I'm through with Amazing till this retcon is undone.

Interview with Quesada about OMD

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