Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Prompt 1: Mail

My first response to 60 damn prompts

Title: You've got mail
Rating: G
Fandom:Spider-Man comics
Character: Peter Parker


11th of November

I had some time left, so I thought I’d start a journal.

Yep boring old me, so what do I say here… I’m supposed to say something about me apparently.
No idea.

As far as I’m concerned, well I’m a part time science teacher and I earn some extra change as a freelance photographer for the Daily Bugle. I used to take most of their Spider-Man pictures, which is why you can occasionally find my name on the internet. I’m a married guy, married to one of the loveliest ladies in New York, well the entire world for that matter. I’m pretty boring actually.

I got this … let’s call it a mail, last night. In it a guy was yelling at me about how bad I am, how I’m a menace to the world. And all through reading it I kept thinking… this guy doesn’t even know me, yet he keeps shouting at me with as many capitals as he can lay his hands on, for some reason that I can’t quite explain.

I’ve been yelled at before, anyone working for J. Jonah Jameson either gets a hard skin about it, or stops working for JJJ. But this was different, to think that someone took the effort to write down all that hatred and sent it through to me.

Sure it was my email account from work, my third job, not the first two, but still…
Is it really that easy to send an email that people would write down over ten pages worth of insults and then send it to you? Maybe he didn’t even expect me to read it, but then I’ve always been a sucker for punishment. Call me a Pollyanna but part of me kept hoping that somewhere in there he would write down a reason for why he was so angry with me, something I’d done to him, or a way that I’d hurt him. But there was nothing. Just ten pages full of insults.

Now sure, those can be fun, hey you can't hold it against a guy when he's looking for new material; but they were all the same insults, the same words and meanings repeated over and over, just changing the occasional location verb or situation. It makes you wonder what’s up that this guy can actually put ten pages of this on paper and doesn’t even bother to make it something original. Hey, insults can be something to be proud of …

It’s an art. Most people are just too lazy to put any effort into it.

I’m rambling; yep this is me rambling.

Rambling which apparently annoys people. I’ve been told by someone I respect that I’m annoying. Very annoying. Someone told me that people hate me.


I’m a sweetie, aren’t I? My wife says I am and she’s never wrong.


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