Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Sarah Jane Smith Adventures.

There are many many reasons to love this series, from the great writers to the loveable yet imperfect characters, to plots that actually make a surprising amount of sense, especially for a children's series.

But there is one thing that I really like, that Maria's mother isn't forgotten.

Now Chrissy is far from my fave character on the show, but far too often, when the parents of a main character are divorced, the parents not having custody of the kid in question is simply ignored, rarely seen, or ends up dead or neglective.

It's a sollution to keep the show from having to pay the actor playing said parents.

The problem with that is that in most divorces, children don't just live with just one parent. Most children from broken homes are still in touch with both parents. Because divorce doesn't stop a parent from caring.

I love that SJA doesn't ignore that. That Chrissy might be a bad mom, but she still cares about Maria. And she'd still be there for her, for as much as she's capable. Well that and that Allan still cares for her. Because honestly, why would he ever have married her if he didn't love her once upon a time.

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