Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Bye Bye Amazing

I just sent a message to Marvel Customer services, asking them to transfer any remaining issues of my subscription to Amazing Spider-Man to Amazing Spider-Girl.

I love Spidey, but I will not be giving money to them, just to ruin Spider-Man with a huge retcon. Just like I would have stopped watching Buffy or Angel, if they'd made Spike evil again, I will not keep supporting Marvel if they undo the Spider-Man marriage.

Esp. with some big reboot.

Single Spidey was good in it's time, twenty years ago. They were nice stories then. But if there's one thing that Mackie's stories have taught me, it's that I have no interest to see Peter start dating again. I'm not interested in seeing Peter date anyone but MJ.

Sure, Pete dating Kitty in Ultimate Spider-Man was one thing, but that's Ultimate Peter, he's only 15, 16 at most. Regular 616 Spidey on the other hand is 32 years old. 616 Peter has been thinking about marrying since he was 15. He thought of marrying Betty Brant, he thought of marrying Gwen, MJ, Felicia and ended up married to MJ.

Why in gods name would you want to deny something that is as huge a part of the character as that?

Once again, the guy thought of marrying Felicia while they were dating, even before he revealed his true identity to her. That's how much he wants to be married!!!

And not just that, erasing the marriage comes at the price of erasing twenty years of continuity. Isn't it bad enough when DC did it?

Is it really that much fun to be reading any dc book, when you can't even be remotely sure how much of continuity still counts and what's been changed?
And now we're going to get the same kind of crap with Spidey, where none of the past issues matter anymore, because Quesada thinks that most of the fans are kids and would find an adult Spider-Man 'too old'.


And I'm not willing to pay them another € until Peter's back with MJ.

That and I really really really wanted them to explore the unmasking, why can't they just let us enjoy an unmasked Spidey for a while, they barely even set a foot in the ocean of stories that the unmasking offered, and now they're already going to undo it?

Once again, utter and absolute crap.

So bye bye Amazing, I'll be spending my money on Mayday Parker and her adventures under the guidance of her dad, the REAL Spider-Man.

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