Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Dear yuletideSanta

I've seen lots of other people do this, so I figured why not. And before I seem ungrateful, a real big thank you to my santa, sorry for limiting the choices so much, but I really really want to see a new fic with my fave character in it*g*

As you might have figured out from the requests, I'm a huge fan of a certain character who has way too few fics written about him. (not sure if I'm allowed to say what fandoms I made requests in, but since his name is the name of the fandom, I'm pretty sure you can guess who I'm talking about ;-))

So any fic I can get about this particular guy would be extremely welcome.

I'm ok with slash and het, but I was mostly thinking genfic when I was making the requests.

I like all sorts of genres, but hate character bashing and would prefer not to see any of the main chars die. I also prefer plotty or character based fic over PWP's(and oh yes, in case you're even remotely wondering, pretty please no incest k, just making absolutely sure*g*)

Thanks in advance :-)
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