Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I was looking at yuletide yesterday, and there was a link to several secret santa coms there. The thing that surprised me is that there wasn't a single Marvel or Spider-Man com. Since we shouldn't be expecting any nice pressies from Marvel in regards to good ol' Spidey, (unless Quesada decides to stop being an idiot and 'One More Day' isn't some lame way to get rid of the marriage and the unmasking) I was just thinking it might be fun to create a Secret Spidey com.

But considering the lack of Spidey and Marvel fic in general, with the exception of X-related- or Young Avengers-fic, it might be better to keep things simple and have a "Secret Marvel Santa" thing going.

Would anyone be interested in this kind of thing?

Poll #1072165 Secret Marvel Santa

Would you be interested in participating in a Secret Marvel Santa

Yes, I would like to participate
No, I don't think I have the time or don't want to participate.

Pressies could involve graphics, icons, fanfic, prose, reviews of new issues, essays .... whatever you can make, and what you think your recipient would be interested in.

Any other ideas about what this should involve?

Do feel free to spread this link around and if people are interested, would anyone feel like helping me create or co-mod this thing, cause I'm not really sure yet how such a thing would work.

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