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fic: Invisble Collar (6/?)

Title: The Invisible Collar
Author: Lore
Rating: MA (NC-17)
Summary: Dark AU post-Civil War
Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Tony Stark/Peter Parker
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Betaed by redhawk

Previous Chapters


Tony swallowed a glass of water, placing it down on a coaster before Jarvis had a chance to complain. The older butler handed him his jacket before leaving the room. The man was still here, but the light had gone out of his eyes the night May Parker died. Tony missed the smiles and jokes that the butler had had, nowadays he barely even complained any more about boot prints in the hall. It almost made Tony ignore the use of coasters, just to get the old Jarvis back. He missed his friend.

It was one reason that he’d tried to stay out of the way so Jarvis and Peter could connect. So far Jarvis was the only one of them that got a smile from Peter. One time Tony had seen the old butler come out of Peter’s room with tears in his eyes. The butler had composed himself as soon as he’d spotted his employer. Tony had pretended not to see anything.

He was pulled back to reality with a beep of the com.
“Director Stark? We had a small problem with Spider-Man during the trip, it seems like he started to struggle during the flight.” Tony froze. “We managed to take over his autonomous functions so that the other Avengers didn’t notice, but we thought you should know.”

Struggle? “When?”

When he said the time Tony realized it had been exactly when he’d entered Peter’s mind.
“I’m afraid that’s my fault then, I was using the psylink at that time.”

“Oh forgive me sir, I didn’t realize. Does that mean you do not want us to have him disciplined?”

Tony sputtered a no, and then repeated his no more clearly. He started pacing the room. So far Peter hadn’t needed to be disciplined, not that Tony had seen at least. The fight had left the young hero long before now.

“I have to tell you sir, it could be dangerous to contact the psy-link while the subject is in operation.” While Peter was fighting for his life, Tony realized “It could open him up to outside attacks and it could remove his concentration at a dangerous point in time causing serious injuries, both to himself and the team,” The agent stopped for a second, almost as if he felt guilty for focusing on … lesser matters, “or more importantly innocent bystanders.”
The handler’s voice sounded so damn helpful. Tony wondered if he’d still be so helpful if Tony stuffed him full of nanobites and sent him off to fight a war he’d never chosen to fight.

“Of course, I apologize; I didn’t realize he’d notice.”
Of course Peter noticed. I was rooting through his mind, how could he not have noticed.

Tony turned off the communicator and sat down, as bad as those memories had felt like to him, how must they have felt like to Peter, to relive them like that. God, he just hadn’t realized… He grabbed the recording unit and stared at it, an image was digitized on his screen, Wilson Fisk desperately gasping for air, and not getting any as his lungs filled with webbing. Tiny globs of webbing forming around his mouth as his lungs were full and the webbing started pushing through the arteries.

Tony had known that Peter had killed him, the government had loved it. It solved two problems for them at once. Getting them rid of Fisk who’d grown to be more and more of a mixture of embarrassment and potential source of trouble, and at the same time setting Peter up as a criminal. A lot less people would clamor for the release of a murderer than that of a rogue hero.

Through Peter’s eyes the man had looked almost pitiable, no longer a criminal monster in control of most crime in the city, but a man, a human being who was terrified as his life was snuffed out in three seconds.

Not that Fisk had been defenseless, he’d been about to leave the country and had over a dozen bodyguards surrounding him. He’d been expecting Peter, since Peter had warned him beforehand of what he’d do to him the moment May Parker died. It had delayed his death… for a few minutes.

None of the bodyguards had gotten more than a few bruises and scrapes, but Fisk hadn’t gotten off that easy. Peter had held him up and forced his webbing down the man’s throats, until every open space in his lungs had been filled with webbing. Fisk hadn’t even had time to scream.

The court had claimed to be merciful; stating the stress Peter had been under, the emotional strain of the unmasking. Captain America’s death, the grief of losing his aunt. They’d sentenced him to ten years. The Thunderbolts had taken Peter off their hands right after. It was after all not a good idea to send a well known vigilante like Spider-Man to a regular prison; he’d get killed of within a week if they put him into the population. And Peter had after all saved millions of lives over the years. Even the current administration couldn’t deny that.

Nobody even considered that Norman Osborn held a personal grudge against Peter. Tony wondered if Markham even realized the connection or the power he’d given Osborn over his worst enemy. Yet Osborn’s name was all over Peter’s file, especially in the first year. Tony wished he’d known before, but what could he possibly have done, even if he had?

Tony got ready for yet another talk to the president, he wondered if Nick Fury had thought of those meetings with as much annoyance as Tony felt now. Politics, he thought the word with more than a bit of resentment. A necessary evil, unfortunately, but one he couldn’t avoid, no matter how much he’d prefer to be fighting the Mandarin, or even Ultron, over spending even one minute with his own president.
He took another glance at the camera in Peter’s room, Peter was staring at something. Tony focused the camera on the object he seemed to be looking at. A photo-album, Tony assumed that Jarvis had given it to him. Peter was crying.

Tony quickly turned away and started to get ready for his meeting with the president.


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