Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I'm going to my very first comics convention next month. I even went as far as asking a day off to go. (the risk of working on saturdays*grumble*)

It's called the F.A.C.T.S. convention which stands for Fantasty, Anime, Comics, Toys and Space. They claim to be the biggest such convention in the Benelux (aka Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg). Not that that's saying much, but still cool.

Checked the guests, the only name I recognize is Mike Deodato (the current artist for Thunderbolts) but that doesn't really matter, just means I can save some money on autographs.

Anyway, the thing is in Gent(Belgium), so that should be possible to reach by train.

Anyone else on my friendslist who's thinking about going or knows someone who's going?

Either way, I'm really excited by now, hoping it's as much fun as the bookconvention in Antwerps used to be. Should be, comics!*g*, wondering if there's going to be anyone dressed as Spidey there, would love to have a picture of me with Spidey*eg*

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