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Why do I seem to have so much trouble getting a beta to stick with me?

Especially now that I'm branching out more in Spidey fic, I just seem to have a hard time finding people willing to beta for me. Especially where the Spider-Man fic is concerned.
(anyone interested in being my beta for 'Invisible Collar' or for another Spidey fic that snuck up on me*g* (basically a fic where post-civil war Peter is turned into a kid and Tony Stark decides to raise him. Hell I could use a co-writer for that one, in my weirdest imagination, Stark's co-parent would be the ghost of Captain America, at least in Tony's mind he'd be there*g*)

Hell, I've even got several chapters written of a Spike/Hamilton slavefic that I don't dare post, cause most of the chapters aren't betaed, and I'm stuck writing the rest of the story, till I get a beta to look at the previous chapters.

It's starting to get me worried about how bad my writing must be, cause I already know my spelling and grammar suck.

Just plain worried.

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