Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Mom has to go to Barcelona with me!!! *eg*

Mom basically told me, she wouldn't go to Barcelona with me, if I hadn't lost 15 kilo before we left, since I just reached that point, she now has to go. So yay!!!!

Barcelona here we come, in less than two weeks. I will of course be posting lots and lots of pictures once we're back.

And oh yes, did I mention it yet, I have now lost 15 kilo :-)

PS: I'm trying to convince my mom to help me out with my next goal, to get my weight down to a hundred kilo by christmas. I basically told her, if I do manage to lose that much weight, she'll arrange with her boyfriend, to have meat on our christmas party at her house.
(her boyfriend and her are vegetarians, though mostly cause he thinks eating no meat is healthier than because of any matter of principle. In fact, both of them eat meat at parties and when visiting people, just not at home.)

It'll at least save our family from another christmas with my brother bringing up his 'joke' of talking about getting the turkey out of his car, every hour or so. Believe me, it got tired two years ago when he first did it.

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