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Privet Drive Kids

I just created a new community for fics focussed or involving the Dursleys and Dudley in specific. The intention is to have fics, fanart, essays and so on involving Dudley, his feelings about Harry, magic in general. To take a look at the effect living with Harry has had on the Dursleys and how Dudley has grown up and what kind of adult he would be.

Who knows, maybe he has magical children of his own, maybe he still hates magic, maybe he's learned to accept it. Did Harry and Dudley ever meet again, if they did how did his children and Harry's kids interact. Is there any familial connection still possible between their two families. Is he a better man than his father and so on...

Why did the Dursleys behave the way they did, how did they see Harry's coming in and out of their lives, what happened to them after they left Privet Drive and did they return after the war? Did Harry and them ever reooncile, what was Petunia and Lily's relationship like as kids. How did Vernon and Petunia get together and what was Dudley's life like when Harry wasn't around...

All questions that can be responded to in dursleykids

Posted with permission from the mod

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