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Ever seen one of those movies, that basically suck, and you can think of a million ways it could have been done better. (even if most of the main actors at least were good enough to make you care for their characters) But you still want to read fanfic about it, because there's some potential behind it?

I rented Zoom yesterday and it left me feeling like that. It's kinda like Sky High light, about a former superhero who's called into duty to train a group of four kids into being superheroes. The youngest being 6 years old, the oldest 16. This apparantly becomes necessery because Zoom's brother, a former member of Zoom's team is returning. Connor, or Concussion went evil after something the government did to him to make him more powerful and dissappeared after Zoom had to stop him.

It's a pretty straightforward movie, like the Breakfast club with superpowers, only diff is that the adult in charge gets a lovestory and the six year old kid is strong enough to throw a truck*g*

But the most interesting part of the movie to me, is the part that barely made it in. The part where Zoom, his brother and their friends were also trained, used and in a big way abused by the people supposed to look after them. How the government saw them not as kids, but as weapons to be used. And if you have to risk one of the 'weapons' to power them up more, then so what ...

If this had been my script, I would have added a lot more past scenes, esp. since the end of the movie has Connor return and be cured. A scene that to me fell flat because well.. we barely knew Connor. I personally think the movie had been better if we'd gotten some more scenes with Connor in the past, if we'd gotten to know him, first as a good guy and then as the bad guy.

But I guess that would have taken time away from this generation's bunch of little outcast superheroes.

Ah well, end ramble.

And oh yes, just got a textmail from my landlord, apparantly my appartment has finally been sold, and it seems to someone who just wants to continue renting it. I hope he's right.

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