Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I can't wait till monday when I can go pick up my Harry Potter book that I've reserved. The bookstore is so unfair making us wait that long*grumble*

Either way, I'm really curious about the ending and will probably be spoiled before I even lay my hands on the book. Yes, I'm well aware that I should just say no to spoilers, but then, I've always been the kind of person who checks the last pages of a book before starting to read... It's a really bad habit.

I also went to see the new movie and loved it. The kid actors have gotten really good and I was surprised to find that the movie actually made the chars nicer than the book did. Though that's probably explainable with the director understanding that unlike a book where we see the thoughts of a character, that a movie needs to show it's chars emotions, beyond simple anger.

Luna was wonderful and I like her more with Harry than I do Ginny and I still adore Neville.

Other than that Sirius=love

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