Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Ficlet: Peter has two daddies

Title:Peter has two daddies
Fandom:New Avengers

When Steve first saw Peter Parker, rather than Spider-Man, the thing that hit him most was how young the man looked. It was one thing to look at the masked superhero and consider that he had to be younger than he pretended to be. It was another to look at the man’s face at the school and see the bruised and battered face for himself.

Yet there was age in those eyes. With all the things Peter had been through, how could there not be. Thrown into this life far too young, yet bound by his code of ethics to keep going no matter what. It was often that Steve wondered where Peter found the strength to keep going

People would call him an ideal, something Steve refused to buy into, but still they did. And yet, when he saw people like Tony, who made it through pure intelligence, or people like Clint and Peter who pulled themselves up through their own strength of character, it made him realize that he wondered if it was that, that people saw in him.

It worried him sometimes, would he have the strength to keep going, even if the public turned against him, like Peter did? Would he be able to shrug off one false accusation after the other and still keep going, saving lives, without letting the hurtful words and slander pull him down?

Tony would stand behind him, whisper in his ear to just let it go, but he’d be unable to do so. Then Tony would come up with some lame excuse and drag them both to bed and as he’d kiss Tony he’d keep thinking of Peter, of wanting to hold Peter and keep him safe, all the while feeling guilty for doing so. It wasn’t just the betrayal of Tony, it was … Peter was a married man, and he had Tony and yet seeing Peter he just wanted to take the young man and pull him in, smother him in kisses and tell him the world would be alright. Peter would come if he asked, but he never could.


Tony tried not to look at Steve, he seemed so distracted lately. It was easy to let his own eyes slip to the direction Steve was looking at. Not that Tony could blame his friend. Peter was a rather good looking man, and probably more Steve’s type than he’d ever had any hope of being. In fact, he knew how easily he himself could fall for the boy.

Yes boy, that’s what Peter still was. A boy in the guise of a man, until he let go of himself, put on his playsuit and went off to have fun, or save lives as it might be. He could see himself teaching him about life, holding his hand and guiding him both in manners of bed and life.
Better yet, he and Steve could. Take the boy’s naivety and show him how good things could be when shared.

In fact, the more he thought about it, the better the idea seemed. He wondered if it would make Steve notice him more if he did. What look would Steve have on his face while Peter sucked him, would Peter’s eyes shine as hard as they did whenever Steve even came close to giving him a compliment? The boy was so needy for approval, practically begging for a father to tell him good from bad and right from wrong, a child really.

Yet that body.

So when one night, Peter was attacked by a new bad guy, one that liked to freeze his victims, Tony made sure he was the one to take care of the poor sick boy. Steve standing behind him as he did so. They both shared a look, as Steve carried Peter to his bed and Tony planted a kiss on Peter’s lips before lying down next to them. The kiss unspoken between the both of them.


Peter woke up warmer than he’d been in a while, Tony was lying on one side, Steve on the other. Peter managed to untangle himself from the both of them before they woke up, hoping to prevent any awkwardness while the guys had been nice to him.

Was this what teams were like, one for all and all for one?

He thought he could get used to having two dads looking out for him.



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