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I also read some complaints about the way Martha left and as said in my previous post, I disagreed with them. And I can tell you why...

I do not need my ship to be responded, long as the character involved in them is treated with respect.

See, at the end of s5 of Buffy, I was ok with Buffy not being in love with Spike. She respected him, treated him decently and was honest with him about how she was willing to feel for him. She didn't play around with his heart and I think he too was mostly ok with that. Willing to stand by her side and be there for her, even if she didn't return his love.

It wasn't until s6 when Buffy started playing with Spike's heart, using him, taking advantage of him and basically screwing around with his head, that I needed to see her actually in love with him. Because if at that point she treated him like that when she didn't love him, then that made her the kind of person I couldn't in any way or how respect.
It's one thing if she's confused about her emotions, but if she's just using his feelings for her then she's a bitch.

The Doctor didn't do that. He just didn't have a clue about love, he didn't understand how she was feeling, but he never consciously messed with Martha's head. So for me, Martha understanding that he'll never be able to give her what she wants from him, and her actually telling him this is a positive ending, showing he as a strong female character that I can love and respect for standing up for her own selfworth.

Martha wasn't like Rose, she wasn't mainly going with the Doctor to see the universe, she was going with him because she loved the Doctor and felt he needed someone. As such, her returning to care for her family means she's taking up responsibility and doing the right thing, both in general and for herself.

If Buffy hadn't loved Spike in s7 and treated him decently, with respect and without giving him false hope and innuendo's and doublespeak and so on, then I wouldn't need to see her love him to restore her as a good guy. I can accept her not being in love with him, on the condition that she treats him like a person, and didn't just use him as a tool. If she at least cared about him.

One of my main problems with the s8 comic is that Buffy so far has shown no respect whatsoever to Spike's memory, thus far it feels like she treats him like this handy little vibrator she used to have that's easily discarded and forgotten about.
It makes her look horrible and ruins any enjoyment I might have of seeing any continued stories with her.

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