Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Apparantly I'm far too easily pleased. Maybe I should just check for responses somewhere else than I have, but I seem to disagree with the majority of the viewers about the Doctor Who finale.

I loved this entire ep. From the Toclafane being the last humans, to Jack being the Face of Boe to Martha saving the world using the Master's own Archangel Network.

I love that the Doctor didn't just sit still doing nothing, that he was working on hacking into the network. I also love that Martha's family was still trying to fight the Master. I absolutely loved the ending between the Master and the Doctor. I do wish they hadn't done the retcon. Then again, if they hadn't, any future trips back to earth would have to play in that post-Master era which could be problematic, not to mention, not half as interesting as keeping the world as it is would be.

All the acting was great across the board, all the chars were loveable, the Master was great, his death scene was beautiful, both sad and bitter at the same time.

I also utterly loved the way Martha left. The Doctor wasn't in love with her. Is he supposed to lie about his feelings just to make her feel better, to give her false hope? To do so would be a lot worse than to allow her to make her own decisions. He respected her and cared for her, but didn't love her and she came to accept that. As such she decided to do what was best for her and not hang around a guy she knew didn't love her, and think about her own life and her own options. Which is the right healthy thing to do. Yet at the same time, she came up with a way to stay in touch with him.

It might not be the romantic thing, but it was the right thing to do for the both of them.

Wonderful episode.

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