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Joan of Arcadia

After a recommendation from someone on BAPS I finally got to download and watch an ep of Joan of Arcadia and wow...
I love that show.
(geez, in between Death like Me and JoA I'm actually getting some new shows to replace Buffy)

It's not just that ...
Or that...

Let me get my mind straight on this...
It's half past three at night, so work with me here ;-)

The thing I liked the most about the ep I saw was the main char.
(once again, I had the same feeling with Death Like Me)
The other chars are great, but it's the main char that really pulls you in.

Joan isn't perfect, she's no Lana Lang who just cute and can't do no wrong.
She's a nice girl who really wants to do the right thing and is willing to get in trouble to do so.
She's moral, she's honest, and most of all, she's someone I could wish for a friend.

Joan tries, she doesn't always succeed, she doesn't always gets everything done perfectly. Her acts aren't about saving the world, though she does occasionally save lives. She's not a hero in the classical sense, but she's the kind of hero that a normal kid could strive to be.

Joan's heroisme lies in her heart, in her interactions. Not just in following orders because they're literally 'orders from God' but because she believes what she does is right. And still she questions, still she doubts.
And I like that.
She doesn't just think she's right so everyone should follow her.

Another thing I really really liked is the supporting cast.
These kids and adults aren't super-models. They're not perfect or cliché, they honestly look and feel like real people.

The mom and dad are caring, loving, concerned, but without being overly preachy or right all the time. The brothers are brothers.
But they're more than that, they're people in their own right.
That's actually something that counts for the entire cast.
They're not just there to build up the main char, they actually have their own stories. Their own ideas, their own friends and lives.

When Joan does something, it's not just solved within the episode. It plays through in the following eps. Chars remember what happened and they act on it.
Both the adults and the children.

And then there's God.
Showing up in all kind of forms, a Goth, a cute guy, an old lady...
In this show, God is more than just a convenient method to preach to the audience as well as to Joan. Sure God's there to explain things, to give purpose. but there's more to it than that.

And in all honesty, the morals of this show are actually something I can believe in.
That people aren't good or evil. That just cause you do something wrong, that doesn't make you bad. That people can be saved.
That life may not be easy, but things can and will get better. And that growing up is not the end of the world.

Guess I just like me a hero.
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