Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I'm kinda really really excited about the new Sensational Spider-Man coming out tomorow. I'm probably going to be dissappointed but...

there will be an appearance by Anna Watson.

Yes, I know, most of the focus will be on Eddie Brock, and we'll be lucky if we get even two pannels with Peter and aunt Anna together. But damn it, this is the first chance we get of a reaction from MJ's family to Peter being Spider-Man.

I'm just hoping that the writer won't just go, oh she's there, end of story. I feel we really need to see if there has been any response to them suddenly finding themselves related to one of the most (in)famous superheroes on the planet, or well at least in the city.

Aunt Anna was like Mary Jane's mother, so I really really want to see how she reacts to Peter now. Especially since at the time, when she was living with MJ and Peter, MJ did tell her Peter was Spider-Man. Sure, aunt Anna thought she was just kidding, but to now find out that what MJ said was the truth...

Either way, will be really glad to see more of Peter's supporting cast

And Robbie knew!

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