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I have to say, I'm feeling really depressed about the election results. I really don't get how so many people can be stupid enough to keep voting for extreme right parties like the Vlaams Belang. (well at least they didn't gain too much, but still)

Sure the SP has had it's problems, but still... I just hope that this doesn't mean that Belgium is going to be heading in a similar direction to the US. At least our christian party, which seems to have been a big winner, isn't as stupidly backwards as the republicans in regards to gay rights and freedom of speech.

What worries me most is that the people who want to split up Belgium seems to have won yet another victory. What is it with people? Are they really stupid enough to believe that we'd be better off in an independant Flandres than in a united Belgium?

I for one am Belgian first, Vlaming second and have no need for a further federalisation of the country since it's a waste of money better spent on more important issues like employment or traffic management or the environment.

Jesus, have you seen how small Belgium is already? We're already smaller than most American states, if you split that in two, barely anyone'll even notice us anymore.
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