Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I just read the Buffy s8 comic part 4 and well, it's left me with a really really bad taste in my mouth.

Now it seems that Scott Allie is trying to start a war in the letter column of Buffy.
My first thought was of rage of course, fury at them letting something that vile and vicious get posted, and then I realized, they want us to be angry.

So yes, I'm still going to respond, only I'll do it when I'm calm and collected and not just writing a "all the scoobies should die after their horrible behavior" kind of letter.

I would like to ask anyone on my friends list to write to the comic, the email adress is on the letter page. But do so, calmly, in a controlled and intelligent manner. Let these people know that Spike fans are mature and smart individuals. But most of all, let them know why the Buffy (and scoobies) in this comic are not the real deal.

Let them know why this comic is so damn offensive to the memory of those chars that died on the series and esp. Spike.

Because we're up to the fourth issue now, and we still haven't seen even the slightest sign that Buffy has been either mourning Spike or that she'd even know he's alive (well undead) again.

Let them know that Willow was NOT like a mother to Dawn and that there are a lot of us who do NOT like Andrew, or the focus on the first three seasons to the loss of any interesting character development from the latter seasons of Buffy.

But most of all, let them know it in their wallets.

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