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Fic: Crawled a spider (3/?)

Title: Crawled a spider
Author: Lore
Summary:For most of his life as Spider-Man, New York had rejected Spider-Man, but how does a city react when he dies.(comic verse)
Warning: character death obviously
Timeline: After the Other, but before Civil War



Robbie was playing a video game when the news came in. Spidey dead, killed by Doc Ock. It was a shock of course. Hell, Spidey was the one guy that seemed to survive anything. Only this time, he hadn’t…

All the news was talking it up, their show was postponed for a week so the network could portray the funeral. Robbie understood, Spidey had been a hero. His hero to be honest. Throwing jokes all around, while kicking butt. A joy to fight next to; Dwayne would sigh whenever they fought side by side, not because he didn’t like Spidey, but because whenever they teamed up, Robbie felt this relentless urge to drive up the joking. He knew he couldn’t compete with Spider-Man, but hey, nothing wrong with trying, right?

Dwayne had brought in a file for their next case, he didn’t seem to sure about it, was wondering if they could find some way to put the fight in a better location. But on the other hand, it was only three bad guys, and if they succeeded it would really up their ratings.

“Maybe we should attack them during the funeral? They’d never expect us then.”

“Miss the funeral?” Microbe seemed shocked at even the idea.

“Well why not?” Robbie said. “It’s not like we’d be among the main guests at the funeral, not like the Avengers sent us invites to the service or anything. I’m sure Spidey wouldn’t mind us missing out on his funeral to take some dangerous villains of the street. Imagine how many lives we could save if those guys are back in prison, imagine the ratings for next weeks show. We might actually get our contract renewed.”
Robbie stood up, facing Dwayne. “It’s the only way we can keep doing this, if our contract goes, so goes our funding.”

“I can’t.” Robbie turned to Nita, trying to pout her into submission.

“My cousin wants me to accompany him and my mom to the funeral. He said that with the help Spider-Man’s given Atlantis and him over the years, it’s the least he can do. He isn’t wrong.”

“But that leaves us with just me, Microbe and Dwayne, think we could get Rage to…”

“No!” Dwayne crossed his arms.

“But come on.”

“No Robbie, we’ll go to Stamford another time, the funeral comes first.”

“But Nitro and the others might escape.”

Dwayne shook his head and left, leaving Robbie standing there feeling like a child.

“Stamford can wait.”


It was one of those days. You got up from your bed, eat some crackers and slam some jam on it since the fridge is too empty for anything else. You raise the couch, each of the pillows, but nothing. It isn’t until you shake your pockets that you find ten dollar that you missed the night before. It’s barely enough for two beers, but that’s better than nothing so you head to the bar. Simple as that.

And then you find out that there’s a party going on at the bar. Electro was in the corner, schmoozing up to some babe, she quickly blocked him off and a quick look from the bartender kept him from following her. You didn’t mess with a guy who used to work for Doom.

Some people sat in the back, all quiet like, nursing their beers, but others, they’re smiling and laughing., saying cheers to Octavius for finally succeeding where all the rest of them had failed miserably. It didn’t seem to matter to any of them that if Ock had actually succeeded in his plan, all of them would be dead. Well, most of them. He wasn’t sure about the Rhino, his hide might have actually let him survive it.

But who would want to?

None of that mattered to any of them, the Spider was dead, a betting pool was started on how long it would take before someone managed to get their hands on the bastard’s broad and his brat. A few at least seemed repulsed by the idea. This wasn’t supposed to be like that, it wasn’t just unprofessional, but most likely it’d get every other hero in the city on your tail if anything happened to the remaining Parkers.

Herman didn’t say a word, he just raised his glass. It could have been to Spider-Man’s memory, it could have been to his death. He wasn’t too sure of either and wondered how long it would take for the next hero to show up and take up the mantle. He wasn’t sure why it felt like there was an empty place in his heart. Spider-Man had been an enemy. Was it really just the desire to kill him himself?

He called out for another beer, but the bartender asked for money first and he didn’t have it. Well there were always banks out there to get more money.
He stood up and left.


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