Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Is anyone else worried that 'One more day' is going to undo Spider-Man's unmasking?

I am aware that there's a lot of people who'd probably be happy if that were the case, but personally I find it way way too early. See, if there had actually been more than a few moments in storylines dealing with the effects of the unmasking, I wouldn't mind it so much. But there haven't been near enough of those.

Before Peter became a fugitive there was what... one issue in Sensational dealing with a student of Peter's and then a bunch of bad guys attacking Peter. The whole arc of the Chameleon setting up an attack against Peter, MJ and May felt like something that could have easily happened even before the unmasking. The only scene in that whole arc that actually felt specific to the unmasking, was the scene with Liz and her reaction to Peter being Spidey. The multiple Spidey story was slightly better, but it still lacked in moments of people dealing with teh reality of the person behind the mask.
Only the Annual gave us a bit more by showing Lamont talking with Spidey.

Friendly thankfully gave me some of my need to see people responding to Peter as Spider-Man. No complaints there

But Amazing, this series, which should have been the main one dealing with this situation basically well... stopped even remotely dealing with the actual consequences almost as soon as 533 was over. Sure there's the story with the Kingpin, but come on, that could have been done just as easily if Osborn had just told Fisk who Spidey was. None of it actually needed Spidey to be unmasked to the general public.

It's like... every bit of the story of the unmasking seems to have been swallowed in the story of Spidey as a fugitive (again!), a story that would have been a hell of a lot more interesting, if we hadn't already seen it a dozen times or more. (ok, maybe not that often, but that just sounded better than whatever other number I could come up with on the spot)

Much as I understand why Peter would go anti-reg, I'm just not all that interested in Peter as a fugitive anymore.I want to see him deal with the press. I want to see him in a shop and seeing people react to dealing with him when he's not wearing his costume. I want to see his life now that everyone knows who he is and I'm not seeing any of that, because he's constantly running away from the cops...

And no, I don't want the status quo to turn into the situation in Slot's FCBD issue. Funny Slott might be, but Peter's situation in that comic felt boring to me, in a 'we've already seen this a dozen times over' way.

I don't want aunt May to not know he's Spidey, I don't want to see a single Spidey and I want to see regular people's reaction to Peter Parker. Is that really too much to ask?

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