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Fab's Survey du jour
This is Fab's survey with a little more Ats added in...
Stolen from 'It's a big rock'


Best Character – Season 1: Buffy
Best Character – Season 2: Buffy
Best Character – Season 3: Buffy
Best Character – Season 4: Buffy and Spike
Best Character – Season 5: Spike and Buffy
Best Character – Season 6: Spike
Best Character – Season 7: Spike
Favourite Scooby: depends, usually Xander or Dawn
Favourite non-"regular": Groo
Best Couple: Buffy/Spike
Most Welcome Character Return: Spike on Angel
Most Want to Sleep with: Spike
Most Want to Hang Out with: Spike
Most Want to Be: Buffy

Best Monster-of-the-Week: Caleb
Best Big Bad: Glory
I might Turn Evil to Be with/Hang with: evilSpike

Biggest Emotional Fuckwit: Angel and his inability to emotionally connect
Biggest WTF? Moment: Buffy kissing Angel
Most Cringeworthy Moment: Buffy kissing Angel
Worst Character Development: Xander turning into a bully in season six
Worst Character: Willow
Worst Love Scene: Angel/Buffy, the kiss in EoD/Chosen

Buffy: Love her, identify with her, want to be her, feel sorry for her and want to kick her ass for hurting Spike's feelings
Spike's Soul: Love, wish we saw more of it in AtS S5
Dawn's Existence: Loved her, esp. as Spike's little bit
Riley: bored me
Principal Wood: Bleh, wish they'd made him the FE's minion instead of Caleb
Kennedy: ok, wish they'd concentrated on Willow's redemption instead
First Evil: loved it, wish they'd done more with it
Bad Willow: BORED
Gay Willow: ok
Magic/Drugs Metaphor: Nope, not buying it.
Redemption Arcs: Great. The main reason to watch Buffy. Wish they'd understood that Buffy needed redemption as well and that they'd either killed Willow, or had her undergo redemption instead of the Willow/Kenedy-ship.
Joyce's Death: sad
"Once More with Feeling" (musical episode): Great, loved the kiss at the end
Marti Noxon: Needs a therapist, stat.
Joss Whedon: Needs to call me.

Oz or Tara? Tara, esp. S6 Tara.
Cordelia or Anya? Anya
Angel or Spike? Spike, any time.
Glory or the Mayor? Glory
Buffy or Faith? Buffy
Jonathan or Andrew? Andrew, less whiny
Good Willow or Bad Willow? No Willow
Bad Willow or Vampire Willow? NO Willow
Crazy Tara or Crazy Joyce? Crazy Tara
Ethan Rayne or Rack? Ethan Rayne
Faith or Kendra? Faith
Witch Amy or Rat Amy? Rat Amy
Chipped Spike, Souled Spike or Bad Ass Spike? Souled Spike
The Library or the Magic Box? The Magic Box
Busty Buffy or Skinny Buffy? S5 Buffy.
Ted or BuffyBot? BuffyBot
Buffy Season 1 Death or Buffy Season 5 Death? Season five death
Mr. Pointy or Mr. Gordo? Mr. Gordo
BtVS or AtS? BtVS anyday

Best Death Scene: Connor's
Best Breakdown/Emotional Scene: Spike in Beneath You
Saddest Scene: Spike breaking down as he looks at Buffy's dead body
Best Love Scene: Spike/Buffy Smashed, or in Touched
Funniest Scene: Liam in Spin the Bottle
Best Fight: Angel and Spike in Destiny, Spike kicking Angel's ass

Favourite Writer: David Fury (hate his attitude, love his writing)
Least Favourite Writer: Doug Petrie
Worst Retcon: Buffy kissing Angel in EoD
Worst Continuity: Cordelia. Period.
Best Quip: I'm nothing like Angel. Angel's dull as a tablelamp
Best Burn: What's the highlight of our relationship. Me sending you to hell, or you leaving me.
Best Quote/Exchange: Buffy/Spike in BY; Spike/Angel on a couch.

Best Plot/Character Development: Buffy/Spike
Worst Plot/Character Development: B/A, any of it
Plot Development that Should Have Been: Buffy finally telling of Angel and admitting to her friends that she abused Spike, Xander dying in Chosen instead of Anya
Character who Should have Lived/Stayed: Spike and since we did get him back, Tara
Character who Should have Died/Gone: Willow
Relationship that Should have Been: Angel/Harmony
Biggest Waste: Xander getting ignored in most of S7

Best Special Effect: The Beast, Rain of fire, the entire apocalypse thing on Angel
Lamest Special Effect: Snakes, any snakes
Grossest Special Effect: Xander's eye getting pushed out
Best Set: Spike's crypt
Lamest Set: none, liked them all
Best Makeup: Turok-Han
Lamest Makeup: Penis lady
Best Hair: Spike, the bed-hair
Worst Hair: Angel, any flashback
Best Dressed: Drusilla in LMPTM
Worst Dressed: Doyle
Best Prop: Faith's knife
Lamest Prop: Mummy Girl
Best Weapon: Spike as used by FE
Lamest Weapon: lack of guns

Best Season Opener: Deep Down
Best Season Finale: The Gift
Best Season: season five
Worst. Episode. Ever.: Doublemeat Palace (no competition)
Best. Episode. Ever.: Sleeper, Never Leave me, Beneath you, Fool for Love,...

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