Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Picture your ideal movie for whatever fandom you choose, then tell us about the first fifteen minutes of it. Who's the villain, who's the hero, what's the cast, what's the cinematography like? Even write a snippet; prose or script equally accepted.

Ah well, I'll write one of my own...

The camera follows a young girl as she's running terrified, you don't see what she's running from, just that she keeps looking back, as if expecting something to follow her.
She ducks into a building, just out of sight and just as you expect the monster to come thorugh the door, the girl's features change to the blank facade of the Chameleon.

He looks back out, scary shot of Spider-Man on the roof top.

"Sergei, please. I need your help."

Titles: Spider-Man 4: Kraven's last Hunt.

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