Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

The new Buffy comic, issue 1

I just read this and simply hated it. Oh the jibes and jokes where there, but the heart of it was missing. Now I like comics, I love most of the IDW comics, even with the often sketchy art that felt like the artist was just using a light box over screencaps. But at least most of the IDW stories had heart and felt like the show they were trying to emulate.

Honestly, unless Joss does some effort to make Buffy and the scoobs likeable in the next comic, then I'm afraid I won't even bother downloading the rest of the issues. Because I definitely will not be buying it. The first issue was crap, utter and total crap.

Was it really that hard to add one eensy teensy line about her missing Spike? Some consideration for a man who loved her and died for her? And no, the sex line only made it worse, because if that's all that Spike was to her, then she is not the kind of person I'd consider worth reading about.

Admittedly, much of my love of Buffy currently hinges on her feelings for Spike, mainly because of the way she behaved in s6 and s7, but if this comic will go along the lines of the last scenes of Chosen, then honestly, I see no need to keep reading it, because it will only make me utterly and absolutely despise the scoobies.


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