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Fic: Only what you tame is truly yours (2/?)

Title: Only what you tame is truly yours
Author: Lore
Fandom: Angel
Rating: NC17
Summary:"Vampires were meant to have a purpose, to exist for a reason, but they were left alone and abandonned and they grew wild. But sometimes a vampire is so beautiful that we go into the wild and bring one home."
Warning: slave fic, non-con
Betaed by gillo, i_luv_trees and mistress_tien



Marcus didn’t bother to suppress his smile as he sat down on the couch. He was home at last, his food being prepared in the kitchen, and his new pet at his feet. Life simply couldn’t get any better than this. Spike would need some time to adjust, of course, to learn his natural place in the household. Taming a vampire took time and care, it’s what made it all worthwhile in the end. To take a creature out of the cold and mould it into something more than it had been before, to carefully adapt to the creature’s own personality, not to crush it, but to shape it to the ideal that hid inside of it. Marcus knew he could wait, years or even centuries if he had to. It’s not like his new half-breed had an expiration date. He glanced over at Spike. He looked even cuter than usual, all ruffled and curled up in his pet bed. Hamilton couldn’t resist leaning over the vampire, once again brushing his hand through the white-blond hair. He should have told his men to wash that gunk out before they brought him in. Spike was looking tense and uncomfortable, so Hamilton pressed the remote on his own bracelet that loosened up the control on the training gear. It still wouldn’t allow the vampire to stand up, but he’d be able to crawl around the room and lie down without having to overstretch or huddle up too much, just as long as he made sure not to lift himself higher than 3 feet. As he’d told Spike, it was just a temporary measure, vampires weren’t meant to stay on all fours, it would damage their spines too much to do so permanently. But making him crawl worked on the mind almost as well as pain would, bringing him down in mind and heart, so when the time came that he could be allowed to stand up, he’d still have it engraved on his core.

Marcus knew he would have to make the rules clear, vampires needed a strict sense of structure and barriers to do well, but he didn’t feel like doing so now. He watched as Spike discovered the loosening of the charm and got to his hands and knees. He vehemently forced his way out of the pet bed and started backing away, avoiding his masters gaze. Marcus didn’t bother to go after him. Let the vampire explore his new home, find his boundaries. Hamilton had half expected that his new pet wouldn’t even dare get out of his basket on his first day. Seeing him ready to leave the room was a good indication of Spike’s strength of mind.

He could hear Spike muttering to himself and smiled as he noted the absence of the usual curses. Some pet-owners had their pets' vocal cords paralyzed. It wasn’t common practice, but occasionally it was considered necessary. It didn’t stop the vampire from mewling or purring, but it would stop him from making smart remarks or more importantly, too much noise. Marcus wasn’t in favour of the idea. Why go through the trouble of getting yourself a wild vampire, if all you wanted was a quiet obedient toy who wouldn’t even move an inch without a direct order? They bred vampires for that purpose, as watchdogs or children’s pets, trained from birth to be turned. And they served that position well, but they weren’t wild vampires, they were never intended to be.

The vampire had gotten to the door now. He pushed at it until it opened, pausing a moment in disbelief as it did fairly easily; the thing was heavy, but unlocked. Marcus sat back and listened as Spike left the door wide open while he crawled as quickly as possible into the hallway and moved away.

Hamilton went back to the desk he had been at when Spike woke up and continued with his work. It was all good and well to focus on your new pet, but that didn’t mean he could just ignore all his other interests. The firm needed his attention too much for that. One of the managers was asking for permission to acquire some new gene-stock from earth. He quickly signed in approval and went on to the next few files.

Bills, grant approval for the new pens, asking for government funding, (made easier when your father happened to run the agriculture department) and of course the inevitable letters from DETH. Demons for the Ethical Treatment of Humans. Idiots was a better word for them. Sometimes those loudmouthed human lovers really bothered him. Sure, the slaughter of animals could be bloody and dirty, but any good butcher knew how to make it quick and painless for the animals involved. They had to, not just because it was both a crime and unethical to make animals suffer, but more importantly because it would have a direct adverse effect on the meat quality. Animals that are stressed or in pain release hormones into the body that could render the meat inedible. Since Hamilton only hired the best butchers, his food stock was generally content in the few years they had before being harvested.

Half an hour later when his diner arrived he asked the servant carrying it for an update on his pet. Apparently the silly vampire had managed to reach the front door and found he was incapable of passing it. He’d then tried to reach the windows, but since they were over the 3ft boundary Marcus knew it was safe. The reverse disinvite spell worked as well on the windows as it did on the doors. An hour later another servant came to pick up the dishes and told him that Spike was found sulking in the hall; the poor thing had tried to break a vase or two. Luckily the servants had spotted him in time and activated the collar before he could make a mess of things. Two minutes of convulsions later and the vampire had moved on to the kitchen.

The young demon, the cook’s son Darren as he remembered the young spawn was called, told him how he’d been helping the cook to get some of the humans prepped for next week. One of the kitchen aids working in the pantry downstairs had already placed two of the humans in the freight elevator, leaving two more locked up in their cages in the pantry. They had to be cleaned up a bit before they were ready to be brought up, no need to get mud, straw and sand all over the kitchen floor. Darren had opened the elevator door as usual and put a noose on the first human’s neck, making the boy climb out, rewarding him with a pat on the head for doing so. The child had looked back at its friend as if wondering why he wasn’t pulled out as well. Darren had leaned over to the second boy and caressed its ears, nose and mouth. The boy had opened its mouth and Darren had let it suck on his finger for a second before pulling back and closing the door. It knew now to wait, and would stay calm until they were ready to come for it. The first boy had knelt on the floor and was checking out his reflection in the shiny surface of the fridge. Darren smiled about that for a second, it was a silly thought, but young humans were almost adorably cute.

He’d barely even noticed the vampire crawling in through the door; not until he turned around at the sound of the door opening. Darren ignored him and picked up the meat to put it on the cutting table. He carefully placed the boy’s head and hands in the restraints, humans had a tendency to convulse in their death throes, which tended to spread their blood around, making it harder to pick it up in the receptacles through the grooves in the table. He had almost lost his balance when something small and blond had thrown itself at his legs. Darren had picked Spike up by the collar and pushed him towards the other side of the room. He couldn’t help but snicker at the way the vampire had started shouting at him – not that he had any kind of idea what the grunts and muffled sounds that humans and vampires took as words meant, but the collar had shocked the creature several times during his tirade, so it was obviously breaking some of the boss’ rules. He said he had two vampires at home himself so he knew how loud new pets could be; best to just cut them off at the start. Anyway, the cook knew how to deal with pets as well and had quickly banned the young vampire from her workspace, while Darren soothed the animal on the table. Darren had waited for the boy’s heartbeat to calm down rubbing its tummy, so by the time he pressed the stun setting the boy had been giggling softly, utterly relaxed. Two seconds later he’d pierced its veins and drained its blood. The boy died of a heart attack before all its vital fluids were even gone.

The cook had taken over from him then asking Darren to tell the boss to keep his pet out of the kitchen until the animal knew how to behave. Hamilton, of course, promised to try. They both shared an understanding with him as fellow pet owners, who knew such a thing was a lot easier promised than actually done.

“Maybe you should have him neutered sir, even just temporarily.” Darren offered. “I had it done for both of my vampires and they grew a lot calmer afterwards. In fact they’re now a lot happier than they were before, much more affectionate as well.”

Marcus looked away and changed the topic. They had to get Spike to eat, but the question was how? Marcus considered it for a moment realizing that for the time being it might be best to limit the supply of live humans in his house, at least until Spike had accepted the place of humans in the food chain and his inability to change the natural way of things. He could make arrangements with the nearest ranch and get the house’s human meat pre-packaged; that way his vampire wouldn’t have to deal with the reality of the meat industry. Why was it so hard for children and animals to understand that meat had to come from somewhere? He still could barely believe that there were young spawn out there in the cities that had never even seen a human, except as a piece of meat on their plate or in a school book. Animated shows used them for the cuddly factor, and vampires were the most popular pet species all across the world, but most humans remained in ranches and private farms. It made the food industry a cold and sterile process that had little or nothing to do with the actual origin of the meat. In fact, most of his people weren’t even aware that humans had a culture of their own, cities, technology. In most of their minds the humans on earth were like the ones here, simple and helpless animals that needed demons to take care of them. They didn’t half know how violent and ruthless the things were capable of being when left on their own. It was hard to believe how many wars they had fought amongst one another over issues as silly as the shape of an idol or the name of a god. Humans were a petty breed, but then again, that served their own needs quite well.

His species had always eaten humans. It’s what they were meant to eat; it’s what humans were designed for with their fleshy exterior and lack of defences. Slow and weak, with little or no strength in their limbs, they made even vampires look powerful. Why else would the Powers create creatures that were so utterly helpless if they hadn’t been intended as food for anything that could grab them?

Yet another hour later, his next update. Spike had finally given up trying to force his way through the kitchen door. One of the servants had seen him sitting there, holding his legs, shaking. The cook had finally come out of the kitchen once he’d quieted down, and given him a cup filled with fresh blood she’d just drained from the meat. Spike had kicked it over and had tried to attack her afterwards. The cook of course hadn’t let him, and had corrected him with a hit on the nose with a rolled up newspaper, before lifting up his collar over the 3ft limit. It was a tried and true training method, getting the vampire to associate the newspaper with the shock of the bracelets. After awhile just the threat of the newspaper worked almost as well as a shock from the training gear.

She seemed shaken about it on the phone so he went to the kitchen to talk to her. She was a kind and gentle demon who didn’t like hurting animals, but there was no way she could have allowed a pet to attack her without instant repercussions. He had no choice but to agree with her, punishment had to be dealt out instantly or the animal would fail to see the connection. He’d taken her hand and told her she’d done the right thing, comforting her, and reminding her that Spike had just arrived, there was no way for him to know all the rules yet. The poor demon had asked if he wanted her to get his pet another cup of blood. It seemed that Spike had been shaking for several minutes after the punishment, curled up in pain. By the time he crawled off, practically with his tail between his legs, (if he’d had one that is) it had been twenty minutes later. He told her to wait a bit.

Then she’d given him the list with provisions for the next week and he’d checked it over before signing off on it. They’d spent a few more minutes going over business, while in the background the kitchen aides were deboning the second human. The demon ran a good kitchen and everything was spotlessly clean. Hamilton took special care to tell her this. By the time he left they’d been joking and she’d been full of plans for next week’s meals.

He wondered what had happened to his pet by now. It seemed the vampire had gone missing again and most of his staff was too busy with their everyday work to spend all their time keeping an eye on him. Hamilton checked a few of the rooms and found the vampire hiding out in the library. He quickly ordered one of the maids to get a saucer with blood from the kitchen and to place it at the edge of the room. She told him afterwards that Spike had pushed it over… on the very expensive rug. She seemed angrier about it than he could manage to get himself. Then again, he wasn’t the one that would have to clean it up.

Hearing of Spike’s latest refusal to drink human blood, Marcus decided to give the poor boy’s soul some relief and ordered the cook to bring some non-human animal blood to the vampire. A stop-gate measure, but it would have to do until they found a way to get him to drink the human blood. Human was much healthier for a young vampire like Spike than watered down blood from other species. It had something to do with the blood types that vampires shared due to their human origin. They couldn’t keep that up for long though, animal blood was hard to get since his people rarely brought any non human animals back home to their world. Why would anyone want to waste the time and space on things that were not just dim-witted and weak, but that couldn’t even serve as food?

He delivered the new blood himself and stood there for about twenty more minutes, watching and waiting until the vampire finally approached the new saucer, picked it up and took it under the table to drink it. Aside of some heated glares the vampire mostly ignored him, keeping itself under the table with its back against the wall.

As fascinating as watching Spike’s antics were, Hamilton unfortunately still had things to do that were a bit more important and got back to work. It wasn’t easy running a world wide company, especially one that exported to several other worlds as well. He was almost happy when he heard the servants’ spawn arrive home from school. They were playing games, making noise and generally bringing life to the home, in direct contrast with the silence coming from the vampire. It was almost enough to make him want one of his own. Maybe in a century or so.

Over the next three hours he was given a few more updates. Spike had messed up a few books, but he’d when the servants brought him more of the animal blood he did drink a little of it. Not Nearly as much as he should have, but Hamilton knew he was probably still feeing the effects of the drug used to keep him unconscious during the three day journey to get here. Considering how underfed the poor animal had been before he was shipped here, any amount of blood he took in would do him some good, even junk animal blood. With that in mind he called the cook to remind her to restock the non human blood supply. But she came up with some good points that made him once again reconsider his decision on the blood situation. One, if he kept going along with Spike’s desire for non human blood then the vampire would come to expect it, setting up a pattern of indulging bad habits. Two, he needed proper nutrition, and animal blood didn’t contain the proper nutrients to keep vampires in proper health. Three, the longer they indulged this bad habit meant the longer it would take him to become properly housebroken, ultimately meaning more punishment as he continued his bad behaviour. Better to let him suffer a bit now, if in the long term it helped him adjust more quickly. Hamilton finally agreed with her good sense ordering that from now on Spike would only be given human blood.

Hamilton was getting ready to watch the view screen by the time Spike had finally left the library. It seemed he’d realized that not only were the books written in pure demon tongue rather than any human language, but that any book he did manage to destroy was automatically repaired and returned to its place as soon as he let go of it. It was the kind of spell that librarians the world over dream about. Hamilton had gotten it from Cyrus Vail in exchange for a favour, Just a small request really. He wondered where Spike had gone off to, so he asked the servants to let him knew as soon as they caught sight of him again.

The servants found the vampire an hour later trying to get to the basement. Probably in an attempt to reach the pantry, once he realized he couldn’t go up the stairs. Luckily the spell worked downwards as well as up, making him shake when he tried to go below three feet.

Marcus wasn’t worried about it. The cook had told him that the pantry was empty for now; humans weren’t brought there before they were needed. But he still had about a fair dozen or so left in the stables. It wouldn’t take too long to check on them.

Two of the boys were playing with a ball, while a third was having fun jumping in and out of a puddle of mud. Four of them were asleep and two more were roughhousing in their shared pen, rubbing up to one another, until one submitted to the other. Five others were locked in fattening pens receiving double feedings while in special restraints that kept them from moving unless the device wanted them to. Muscle building of some sort, Hamilton wasn’t an expert in the scientifics of it all, but it was apparently the best and most sound way to generate the right amount of muscles in the humans before slaughter. He opened the first of the fattening pens and knelt down next to the first of the boys. The boy leant into his hand as much as it was capable of doing in the restraints. Hamilton gently brushed over his neck, noticing the nice consistency, before lifting up the boy’s arm and bending it over as the boy looked at him with wide open unassuming eyes. Nice, plump, prime quality meat, it reminded him of one of those fat sidekicks in human children’s shows back on earth. On earth it would have been a poor suffering creature that spent most of its time unhappy, while here it was taken care of and appreciated for its true purpose, specifically, making a good meal for half the household. Under normal conditions these humans weren’t supposed to go to the pantry for another four days, they were supposed to gradually increase in weight first, but, to earth with it. He ordered the butcher to prep them all and leave their carcasses to dry age in the cooler at the stable.

He was sad to see the stock go like this, but he knew it was probably better not to keep any live animals on the grounds for the next few months. The cook wouldn’t mind, she always liked getting a supply ready, especially since it allowed her a decent amount of time for the meat to age before cutting. Besides, keeping live humans only meant that you had more of a mess to clean up. Ah, well, he had to make some allowances for Spike’s human soul. He was glad he’d never had one of those to suffer from. He watched as the first two boys were taken out of the feeding pens and taken to the block, situated just out of sight of the others. He didn’t leave until all of them were dealt with. The last boy had held onto his ball until he’d been stunned and drained. It looked as if it had been planning to go back to playing as soon as its masters were done with it.

The stable master was excited at the chance to completely clean out the building for a change. Dealing with humans on a full time basis was a filthy job, but someone had to do it, and Marcus couldn’t help but admire the demon’s devotion to his work. By the time they got back to bringing live humans to the grounds, everything in the building would be state of the art and look as good as new. Hamilton let him ramble on before heading back to the main building. He just hoped that Spike wouldn’t take too long to accept his new status as a pet so that things could return to normal soon.



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