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Yet another reason why the B/A in Chosen sucked so much.

Now personally, the only, and I do mean the only way they could have gotten me to re-support B/A, was if at the start of season seven they'd had Buffy treat Spike with decency but as a friend. If she'd made it clear that she was helping him cause it was the right thing to do. Because he'd helped them in the past.
Making it a reminder of her promise way back in season five, Intervention.

Instead they messed around with her hiding behind fake reasons like her needing him because he was the strongest warrior she had and nonsense like that. They made it clearer and clearer to create a bond between Spike and Buffy. Precisely by NOT having Buffy admit to any such thing.

On top of that, Angel got three mentions in the entire season before Willow's crossover to help reensoul Angel. Once by Spike in BY, once by Buffy in Selfless. There's no mention of phonecalls, of sharing information. No sign of Buffy caring about Angel, or Angel caring about Buffy for that matter. Angel doesn't even seem to exist as far as Buffy is concerned.

When Willow leaves in LA in Orpheus, Willow has to remind him of saying hi to Buffy. Angel didn't even give Buffy a second thought at that point.
(and weird of Willow not to instantly make comparisons when she got back, of Angelus who once again had to be forced into reensoulment, and Spike who volluntary chose for the soul)

In all honesty, they wasted every single opportunity they had at that point to make B/A any kind of huge important romance. They even wasted every chance of even reminding the viewers that B/A had ever existed. Sure, it was there in the back as the 'romance' that destroyed Buffy and left her a shattered broken shell of a person. But not as anything good and romantic.

Then to make things worse you had End of Days.
Now just to restate a fact here, I've been a Buffy fan since season one.
And I'm not just talking about the show here, I mean I've been a fan of the char Buffy since the first ep. She was the main reason I've been watching the show for so long.

I've always supported and sympathized with Buffy.
Back in season five in Crush, I understood Spike, but I agreed with Buffy. I felt for her in Intervention and her death in the Gift was made even more meaningfull by the other chars' reaction to her death. Especially Spike's.
I didn't give a damn about Angel's return in Forever, in fact it's one of the few downpoints of that ep. And I'm one of those rare people that prefer 'Forever' over 'The Body'. So that's saying something.

Now if in End of Days, they'd had Buffy and Spike brought face to face, and Buffy had let him get away with protecting his own feelings. If she'd just accepted his offer to forget about their night before, which she could have probably guessed the importance off, then it might have been acceptable.
But she didn't.

She didn't just refuse to let him hide his emotions, knowing what they meant to him, she had him bare his soul to her. Forced him into revealing himself, knowing what that would do to him and worse, she told him she was there and understood his feelings.

All good things you'd say?
Maybe, if they hadn't been followed up by the most disgusting scene on Buffy ever.
The B/A kiss finishing off EoD.

Think about it.
Buffy and Angel haven't talked in over a year and a half. She came back from the dead, they had a short meeting and he abandonned her again while she fell in a post-ressurection depression. They haven't stayed in touch, not even to compare notes on oncoming apocalypses.
Angel was burried in the sea, and Buffy didn't even seem to be on the list of people that needed to be contacted due to Angel's disappearance.
Or she was and she didn't even seem to be worried about him.

So here you have this 'childhood relationship' which was over years ago, which according to them was supposedly only stopped cause 'they couldn't be together due to the curse'.
And yet when Buffy sees Angel, she kisses him. And we're supposed to just pick up where the show left off, four years ago and see it as this hugely romantic thing?
Even though neither of them really knew the other person.
Even though they've completely changed since then.
Even though Angel and Buffy don't even bother to talk, catch up or mention any of the other developments in their lives.

And yes, I know, the books mention it as if they have met, so do the comics, but from what I've seen, Joss hardly takes them as canon for anything having to do with the show.

In fact, when I saw the two of them together, I got the idea that Buffy was like Harmony back in season two of Buffy, can't remember the exact ep or words.
But it was someting the likes of
"He'll call me if all these other girls say no."
That's the feeling I got of Angel's feelings about Buffy. He'll go to her, cause he can't have Cordelia, cause he knows she'll be waiting there for him, no matter what he does, or how he changes. She'll still be that same innocent girl that'll always keep waiting for him, no matter how he screws up.

It's not Buffy he's going back to. It's the past, that idea that 'at least I always have that'. Angel doesn't even know Buffy.

To get back to the point and the main reason I hate that scene ;-)
Only hours before she forced Spike to lay bare his soul. To tell her his feelings and lay down his barriers, his defences. He gave her several outs, even after their night together and she threw them away. Saying it meant something to her as well.

Yet upon seeing Angel she did the one thing she knew would hurt Spike the most, kiss Angel.

I've never believed in Buffy being selfcentred before that scene, but then that scene is one of the only things on Buffy ever, to make me hate and despise Buffy.
I hate that scene, not just because of the pain in Spike's eyes as he has to look at the two of them, but because of what it did to the character of Buffy.
Destroying any remnance of her as a decent person, as someone worthy of respect and love. As someone worth anything.

Before that scene, I had never believed that Buffy would ever use another person. That she'd ever do something that insiduously cruel and vicious to another person.
After that, I had to see that kind of behavior as part of her char.
The only defence I can find against having to hate Buffy is spuffy.

As long as I have a shred of hope that Buffy only kissed Angel due to her fear for the strenght of her feelings for Spike. As long as I can believe that her talk to Angel in Chosen was meant to give him the brush off, because the part of her that still cared for him didn't want to hurt his feelings. That's how long I can keep liking Buffy and believe that she's essentially a good person.

Cause if Buffy didn't love Spike, then her request to sleep with him again in Chosen was the most evil, vicious and manipulative thing I have ever seen any char on Buffy or Angel do.

So you see, I don't believe in spuffy just because Spike wants it, I believe in Spuffy, because it's the only way that I can keep liking Buffy. Without it... I can't keep liking the char, and if I'd ever stop liking her, I doubt I could retain any love for the show. No matter how much I love Spike.

So any B/A lovers out there, don't expect me to ever want to see any more B/A, even remotely, because it's the one relationship on Buffy or Angel, that would utterly and completely destroy the char of Buffy for all time.
And I really don't want to start hating Buffy.

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