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I'm thinking of having a real vacation for the first time in years. The last one I had was about three years ago if I well remember. (camper trip to France with my mom, aunt and cousin)

Went online and found this offer of a trip to Pulau Tiga. That's apparantly a small beach resort on the west coast of Borneo. It seems to be within my budget, (esp. if I have another half year to save up for it) since my mom gave me and my brothers and sisters a monetary gift.
(seems like it's part of what she got from my grandmother's inheritance)

That money should just be enough for the trip itself, and I'd mostly have to pay up for beverages, vaccinations, souvenirs and so on.

I know, I should be saving that money, put it aside, use it for something I actually need or so... but damn it, I've been wanting to go on vacation for years and this one really seems cheap for what you're getting out of it.

And hey it's both better and cheaper than Spain. I'll just have to make sure to take some books with me.

Only problem is that you need to be with at least two persons to go. So I have to convince my mom, that it'd be a fun thing for us to do together. Sounds easy doesn't it?

Either way, I just need to get her here to look at it, and hopefully convince her that it might be fun. (and unlike me, she actually likes walking)

Aside of that...

Civil War 7 and Amazing Spider-Man 538 just came out.

I'm not sure what to think. I didn't mind Captain America surrendering, it was the right thing to do, and unless they showed us more of a reason for him to keep up the fight, it should have happened three battles ago. My main problem with the comic, is that after seven issues of Civil War, not to mention every spin off book involved in the crossover and so on, painting Tony Stark in the worst possible light, making him act like a jerk and a monster, having him betray Peter Parker to the uttermost degree ..., we're suddenly supposed to see him as a hero again and act as if all he did was make things better.

See I don't mind registration, in fact, if I lived in the Marvel Universe, I'd be one of the most vocal people calling out for it. I can't imagine wanting to live in a world where people can just decide to put on a mask and get in the way of the police, without even the slightest hint of training, authority or experience.

I can't imagine having to worry about going out, and getting caught in some huge fight between two superpowered opponants and just be told you have to trust one of the guys when no one even knows who he or she is. Even when it's quite obvious that the socalled good guy, is just a teenager.

Even if we as the readers know that these are good people, if you actually had to live in that world, I can't imagine not demanding the government to take some control over all these people who decide that they're better at upholding the law than the police.

But... and here's the point. That's not how Tony Stark's side was painted for most of the crossover. In fact, Tony was shown as arrogant, easy to take the offensive, often attacking without reason or without concern for civilians. Acting like a villain, imprisoning people without trial and basically being a major asshole who destroyed Spider-Man's life.

Yet in the last pages of Civil War 7, he's suddenly the big hero, caring oh so deeply about superheroes and civillians alike.

I'm not even going to start on how he's treating Maria Hill. Much as I don't like her, the fact is, she was just doing what she felt was her job. She made stupid mistakes, sending Cap on the run to begin with and overreacting to situations half of the time. But she was generally well intentioned. She just didn't have a clue about what and who she was dealing with. In fact, in one issue of Iron Man, she even spells it out. She was given the promotion, because people wanted her to mess things up. She's the one who brought it up that Tony should be head of SHIELD.

Yet here in Civil War 7, we get smug arrogant Tony, acting oh so benevelantly, coming out, smelling like roses, ordering her to get him coffee and treat her like an underling.
It almost felt like she was given her comeuppance for daring to be more. And I can't see someone treating a male former head of SHIELD the same way. (not going to say Nick Fury, cause no matter how much he screwed up, that guy had earned his position)
It just left a bad taste in my mouth.

And then there's that whole amnesty thing.

Only a few issues ago, Tony himself told Peter that the Negative Zone prison was permanent, that the prisoners there could end up being there for the rest of their life. Even making veiled threats at Peter...

Yet now, all of a sudden, heroes can get amnesty?

If that's so, then why isn't Peter going for it. If everything is so perfectly going according to Stark's plans, then why are Cage and his group still fighting?

And why in Gods name did anyone let Osborn stay in control of the Thunderbolts and why isn't Stark stepping in after what happened to Jack Flag in Thunderbolts 111...

The only really good thing it seems to me, is that at least so far, Mary Jane is still alive. I love aunt May, but if we had to lose one of the two Parker women, I'd prefer it be May over MJ. (not that I want to lose either of the two, but you know...)

I do feel that Peter is going to be seriously, more than seriously, pissed off at Matt Murdock once he finds out that Matt got the Kingpin out of prison and out of the country.

I know, Quesada wants more tension amongst Marvel superheroes, I get why, it's just... I've never been a big fan of unneccessery fights amongst heroes. And the whole, Peter being a fugitive thing... hasn't that been done what.. dozens of times already.

It's practically a status quo for Spider-Man to be hunted down by the police.

I much much rather would have seen how Peter would have to deal with the police, with them knowing who he is, and able to call him up to testify at trials. That would have been a change for the character and interesting to see him made to deal with it for at least a while.

I actually like the unmasking, but I feel it's been underused. Within three issues they already had him on the run, rather than deal with the common people's reaction to him. Would it have been so hard to keep it up for a few more months. Maybe show people's responses to being saved by him, when they know there's a person underneath the mask. Show him interact with cops, anything... but nope, Marvel rather goes back to the status quo of having the cops hunt him. With the small exception to the general rule that he can no longer take of his mask to hide.

I guess I'm just a bit disappointed.

I really do hope that Peter will eventually be pardonned, and that we'll get to see some interaction of not hunted down Peter, with regular people. At least for a short while before they undo the unmasking. I just worry that that doesn't seem to be something that interests the writers at Marvel.

And oh yeah, Dan Slott... Wolverine being accepted fighting along She-Hulk by the SHIELD operatives... isn't he supposed to be a fugitive for crying out loud?
Just wondering...

Oh yes, one potivive thing, I just that preview page from the 'One More Day' oneshot to make a new header. I love that pic. I'm curious what you guys think of it.
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