Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

Beta needed

As you might remember I've just started a Hamilton/Spike slave fic. Now <lj user="gillo"> has been kind enough to help me with the beta work, but I could really use a second beta just for my own sake.  Anyone willing to take the job?

The fic will be rather dark, and includes slavery, non-con and people being treated like animals. 

I prefer to have a beta that I can talk about the fic with on aim. And who doesn't mind me rambling about ideas. If you want this fic to sort of include Spike/Xander, now's the chance to speak up, because I'm seriously considering this as a possibliity. Just not quite sure yet if it would fit with the ideas I've had.

If you're interested, just comment or contact me on aim at <b>lilithdemonmom</b>, or on yahoo under <b>krajsman</b>

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