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Spider-Man Unmasked ficathon.

Since there isn't enough Spider-Man fic out there, I thought I might as well start a ficathon. For those who know the term, not sure if there's enough people interested to actually make it a request thing. So let's keep it simple and just take a theme-based challenge.

I would like to see some chars immediate reaction to Peter unmasking. Like what about his class, what was his first day like back in the school with everyone knowing... Cause what we saw in Friendly didn't look like that was teh first time he was back.

Or what about people on the street, how do people treat him at the grocer's, when passing him. How do some of the villains feel now that they know who it is that fought them. What about cops, how do cops who used to shoot at him for little or no reason feel now that they realize there's a face underneath the mask, that there'd be a mourning family...

Or what about Robbie, did he or did he not know that Peter was Spider-Man...Glory Grant's reaction, Joy Mercado's... Ken Ellis... or hey one of my faves, what did Randy Robertson think of it. He was roommates with Peter after all and got attacked because of it.

How would Peter's life have been like if he hadn't gone anti-reg and he had to deal with peoples reactions to knowing that he's Spider-Man. What does a mother who had their child saved by Spider-Man think now. Maybe even kids writing fanletters now that they have an adress to send them to. Just to name a few possibilities.

It wouldn't even have to be long fics, even simple drabbles could be cool.

Anyway, anyone that wants to participate, can do so.
All you have to do is give a link to your fic in the comments. I'll be updating these on a regular basis and link back to it on the front page of the lj. (soon as I know how to do that)

These could go from snapshots to larger fics.
So far there's two responses... I'm hoping to get more soon.

He'll get what's coming to him by skepticultist (the Grizzly)

So why didn't we know? by liliaeth

Private by redeem147

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