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Fic: Red Dust (4/5)

Title: Red Dust
Author: Lore
Rating: NC17
Summary: Being a good host isn’t supposed to mean that you have to let your
guest take advantage, right?
Notes: Non-con, bondage, misuse of toys, evil Wesley
Pairing: Spike/Wesley, Wesley/Angel, Angel/Spike, Spike/Buffy
Thanks to gillo for betaing, anything I got right is because of her, anything wrong is my fault.

Spike woke up itching, like there was something jittering beneath his skin and he needed something, anything just to make it stop. It almost felt like thirst, but worse than that, like he hadn’t fed in weeks. His dick was standing up once again and he felt a desire just to touch himself over and over. But since his hands were tied above his head he couldn’t even get there.

Someone was yawning and he realized the watcher was slowly waking up in his nice soft comfortable bed. The man didn’t even bother with him as he went up to Spike’s shower and stayed underneath it long enough for Spike to start whimpering in need.

Pryce finally came over to him and stared at him for a moment. Then he bent down and started undoing Spike’s shackles. As soon as Spike got his feet on the ground, he tried to fight, but his feet felt like rubber and buckled underneath him. He fell down as soon as the watcher untied his hands as well.

His hands moved almost immediately to his dick, desperate to end the itching and he found himself rubbing himself until he came. It lessened his craving somewhat, but that only lasted just long enough for him to look up for one second; as soon as he stopped, the craving returned.

Pryce yanked him up and slowly led him towards the edge of the bed; compelling him to bend over. Spike tried to get his hands to his dick but Pryce wouldn’t let him. Spike screamed as the watcher wrenched his hands behind his head. He couldn’t even resist and in the end all that was left to him was to cooperate and lie there while the human tied a collar around his neck and fastened his hands to a ring attached to the collar.

He gasped, slowly trying to drag in a scent, a touch, anything to scratch that itch that was just out of his reach.
“Please.” He begged. He wasn’t even sure for what. Then he was turned around and he found himself facing Pryce as the watcher grabbed his legs and pulled them over his shoulders. Spike tried to crush the bastard’s head between his thighs, but the chip forced him to stop before he even got close.

By the time the watcher’s dick was forced into his ass, he just lay there, still, refusing to give Pryce the pleasure of responding to this, moving only as far as the watcher pushed him.

“Please stop. I don’t want this.” Even as part of him did, the small traitorous part of him that begged ‘more, more, more’ that shouted at him that he liked this, this lack of options, the fact of just going along with whatever someone else wanted and allowing himself to be handled. “For God’s sake, let me go!” The watcher never pulled out of his body, just pulled his face closer. Spike hissed at him, the watcher stared at him. Spike growled. He expected a slap in the face; instead he got a kiss.

“Be quiet.” Spike snorted at that. Pryce seemed to lean into his legs, using him for support as he grabbed the collar to drag Spike’s face towards him. For a second it felt like they were both about to fall over while Pryce reached for something on the ground with his second hand. Spike didn’t have to wonder about it for long as he felt something forced between his teeth. He yowled as the taste of rubber and soil hit his tongue. It was one of the watcher’s shoes. He tried to spit it out, get rid of the taste, but by then the watcher let go of his chin and pulled out a few inches, just so he could thrust in again. Spike’s eyes grew wide open and for a second the itching stopped. As if the force of being taken scratched the walls inside of him in a way that nothing else should ever even bother trying.

“You like that, don’t you William?” And another thrust. The further Pryce took him, the better he felt. Until the wanker pulled out and left Spike lying on the bed, his head and back still pushed over, forcing him to curl up. Pryce stood up and picked up one of Spike’s shirts, wiping his dick off with the black material. Spike finally managed to spit out the shoe and desperately tried to get up.

The watcher took a canister from the bedside table and opened it, carefully measuring out some of the powder with a spoon. Spike couldn’t do anything but stare as the red dust was added to a glass filled with water. Then the watcher focussed back on him. Spike shivered.

“You want it to end don’t you, to feel better? All you have to do, is do me one small favour. Make me come. Make me come and I promise you, the thirst will end.”

Spike froze. No. He chewed at his lower lip, gnashing his teeth together. He tried to crawl out of the way, fell down the bed as he did so, trying to scratch himself, but the itch wouldn’t stop. The watcher kneeled down next to him. “Just … one… small… lick”

The watcher’s taste slipped in with the air, as Spike opened his lips.


Spike crawled up on his knees while Wesley loomed over him. Wesley didn’t even give him direct orders, let the vampire figure it out on his own. One long harsh lick, then a second one, curling over his flesh, pulling at his balls with another twist.

It didn’t take long for Wesley to come and pull out of Spike’s mouth. It took less than that for Spike to start growling. Wesley left him on the ground and picked up the glass. Spike was still kneeling as Wesley poured the drug down his throat.

The vampire was more than pliable after that, as Wesley pulled him on the bed and started playing with his new toy. More responsive than ever, Spike was practically begging to be touched. Wesley grabbed his cock and held it while Spike arched in the pillows.

He hadn’t intended for this to be long-term, just long enough for Spike to submit and Angel to see what was left of Spike. Yet as he played with the vampire’s nipples, caressing and pinching them until they stood up in salute, he started to think about all he could do with something this beautiful. Pierce his nipples, add a fiery jewel to that belly button, possible put a ring through that dick to make it easier to grab on to. He stopped for a second as he realized that he was thinking long term for the first time in weeks.

And all because of one silly vampire that thought it was a man. No, Spike might not realize it yet, but he was better off like this, all want and need, the sheer force of his presence tied down to basic desires. No more bluster, nothing but a dog begging for a bone. He ran his hands up and down the smooth, beautiful body, caressing the abdomen, twirling his fingers in the little tuft of hair at its base. Yes, a nice metal stud would be pretty just there. He could play with it and Spike would love him for the sensations that it would provide him. Give the vampire some time to get used to it and he might actually come to thank Wesley for taking him in hand.

Spike shivered, forming goosebumps as Wesley turned him over and grabbed for a tube of lube to add to the blood. Maybe a nice basket at the foot of his bed; he might even give Spike a blanket or a pillow; not both, since there was no need to be too indulgent. Not before Spike had fully adapted to his new life at the very least.

He had to plan this correctly, inject Spike with a sleeping potion to knock him out, and get papers to claim that he was transporting a recently deceased family member back to the old home country. By the time Spike woke up, he’d find himself sealed in Wesley’s room in the Pryce estate. Father might protest at first, but mother would understand about the need to study vampires.

Spike would never get dressed again, nor would he leave Wesley’s bedroom. Wesley could just imagine him shaking and shivering while he waited for his master to come home and use him. He might even need to use some more toys than Spike himself owned to keep him happy, since there was no way he would ever be able to satisfy the vampire’s constant need. A master couldn’t spend all his time on a pet, no matter how beautiful it was. After all, a pet was there to fulfil its master’s needs, not the other way around.

No he wouldn’t stake this one. Spike could be so much more than just Angel’s wayward childe. He wondered whether it was wrong for him to want this. Father would say yes. But Wesley didn’t think it was. Sure, the demon underneath him was less than an animal, but it couldn’t be that wrong to get attached to a creature this lovely, could it? Was it so hard to imagine life where he could come home and find his very own pet vampire waiting for him? It would be quite wonderful, to no longer be alone.

It was the beauty of the drug, at first it would make its victim pliable, needy, and as time went on, that need would grow worse, until the purveyor of the drug became like a god to the user, handing out nectar that the vampire would do anything for. Even Father couldn’t see anything bad in housetraining an animal till it realized just what it was. From lapdog to attack dog, whatever Wes would want him to be, Spike would become.

And that might be the biggest revenge on Angel that he could have ever found.

Wesley slowly covered his fingers with the lubricant and opened up Spike’s sphincter; stroking the skin and feeling it soften under his fingers. He almost felt sorry for Spike as he noticed that the muscles were still bleeding from the previous intrusion. He considered being more careful this time, caressing the muscles, moulding them, until they finally gave way and took to his fingers. No, not yet. He reached under the pillow and pulled out a set of small wooden balls, lined to one another with a thin wire that ended in a wooden ring. He pushed them into Spike’s hole and marvelled how easily they disappeared inside, until all but the last were consumed. Wesley held on to the wire and wondered how hard it would be to get them back out. If he just let go, would they remain inside?

He pulled out the string and leaned over to Spike’s ear.
“Stay still or…” he didn’t need to continue the sentence.

Such a pretty pet. He couldn’t let him get used to the bed too much, but it wouldn’t hurt to let him stay there for a few more minutes while he went to grab a camera. This was after all for Angel’s benefit and it’d be no use if he didn’t leave some form of record for the darker vampire to find.

Spike eyes were red, tears leaking down his chin by the time Wesley returned. Some side effect of the drug. Wesley focussed the camera on the vampire’s face, trying to catch the light from the candles as it reflected in his pets eyes. He considered framing some of these and wondered which ones he should add to the paper he could write, using the data gained from testing Spike.

He then focussed the camera on the view of Spike’s swollen penis and the drips of blood still clinging to the vampire’s buttocks. He placed the camera on the bedside table and caressed the short fuzz that he’d allowed to remain on Spike’s head. It felt smooth, like stroking velvet. The vampire lifted his face and pressed his face on Wesley’s crotch. Wesley wished he could see a smile on Spike’s face. He resisted the urge to order his pet to do so. All in good time, it couldn’t possibly take his new pet all that long to realize this was all in his own best interest. What else did he have? Living in a crypt, hoping for the Slayer to come by and make him earn his hand out, by giving her a good rogering. She’d never be able to give Spike what he needed, Wesley could, and the sooner his demon realized that, the better.

He pulled out the key and slowly released the chains holding Spike’s hands together. He didn’t put the shackles away; he might still need them to tie Spike back up if he tried anything. Spike just stayed there, kneeling, his hands still behind his head, as if he didn’t dare to move them. Wesley sat up on his knees, softly swaying as the soft mattress creaked under him.

“Use your hands, make me happy and I might feed you tonight.”

Spike’s fingers moved over to Wesley’s penis, taking a soft approach as Wesley sat there, holding his back straight, wondering what his father would think if he saw him like this. He was about to cry out, when Spike’s grip on his tender parts went from stimulating to painful in less than a second. Before Wesley could even think of a response, a harsh vampire hand was crushing his balls. He was sure he didn’t imagine Spike’s scream even as he noticed the chain in Spike’s other hand, fastening Wesley’s hand to his foot. Nor did he miss the stream of blood pouring from the vampire’s ears right before Wesley found himself knocked out.



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