Liliaeth (liliaeth) wrote,

I've been trying to think of what 2006 meant to me, and only a few things came up.

Writing Beloved with spikes_heart (which I should get back to*g*)

Getting into Spider-Man fic, both writing and reading it, though most of all, realizing how little Spidey fic there is, esp. in comparison to the boatloads of X-men and/or Batman fics. Something that still baffles me, since the characters in the Spidey comics interest me much more than those in the X-men...

Losing Trees so soon after Tess.

Buying and renting lots of dvd's, rewatching the Spider-Man movie a time or ten or more.

Having Peter Parker come out as Spider-Man.

Civil War.

Getting interested in Tony Stark/Peter Parker, a pairing that should have more fic.

Moving, again.

Getting a cat. (hi Dru)

Working fulltime for a company for over a year, instead of through an interim office. (got me my second christmas package from the same firm, yay!*g*)

Losing Moemoe, waiting for Bommeke's time. (even if she's already lived beyond what the doctors gave her before she came home.)

Buying a new computer and proving yet another year that I can be financially and otherwise independant.
Or in other words, being some kind of an adult.

Still no boyfriend :-(
Positive, still no boyfriend giving me trouble*eg*

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