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Fic: Red Dust(1/?)

Title: Red Dust
Author: Lore
Rating: NC17
Summary: Being a good host isn’t supposed to mean that you have to let your
guest take advantage, right?
Notes: Non-con, bondage, misuse of toys, evil Wesley
Pairing: Spike/Wesley, Wesley/Angel, Angel/Spike, Spike/Buffy
Thanks to gillo for betaing, anything I got right is because of her, anything wrong is my fault.

Wesley sat back in the vampire’s comfy chair; the television was playing in the background and there was a tomb just a few feet away from the refrigerator. Only in California…

He sipped down the last of the vampire’s scotch before he got up and moved towards the broken windows. He’d smashed them to pieces when he first arrived, trying to get the vampire’s attention. Spike was old enough after all, to be able to jump out of the way when the light shone in.

He’d barely said a word to the fake blond since he’d come in, pretending not to care that the creature was currently skulking away from the sunlight by hiding in the last piece of shade, just far enough from the hatch leading downstairs to make Wesley feel comfortable as he feigned interest in the television. The show playing on it was actually quite interesting, a documentary on the Dead Sea scrolls. It was dead wrong of course, but still quite fascinating in its own right.

Angel’s offspring. You’d think, knowing his reputation, that he would have at least tried an attack by now. It would have failed of course, but an attempt at it would have been stimulating to say the least. Even if only so Wesley could beat it down and show Spike how useless resisting would be.

Oh he hadn’t planned on doing this. In fact, his first intention had been to release Spike from his leash and then send him off after Buffy. It would have been thoroughly enjoyable to watch the vampire torment the woman Angel thought he loved. It would have been even more pleasurable to see Buffy stake Angel’s last remaining childe. Almost as delicious as having the souled crusader receive Drusilla’s dust in a dozen different packages.

But no, Spike just couldn’t stick to the plan, now could he? It hadn’t taken long for him, once he was in the area, to find out that Spike had become Buffy’s little pet vampire over the past two years. He could smell the musk of the two of them in this place, even with his frail human nose.

If this were any other vampire, that wouldn’t have mattered. No other vampire would have thrown away the opportunity to use his closeness to the slayer to take her out. All he would have had to do was to remove the chip and let the beast follow its nature. All but Spike… Oh he wasn’t the only vampire known for an obsessive possessiveness towards a man or woman who had caught a vampire’s interest. Whole book loads could be filled about individual vampires’ histories of stalking a human that they deemed worthy as their mate. There were even several vampires that hooked themselves to a slayer. But all those stories had ended the same, either with the vampire being dusted, or the human killed and/or turned. Vampires were dangerous once they deemed themselves ‘in love’. Every Watcher knew that.

But Spike… his animalistic devotion to Drusilla was legendary. Like a dog, loyal to its master. If he were anything like that with Buffy, then there was no way that the vampire in question would harm Buffy even if he did remove the chip. It would be pointless to remove the vampire’s leash, for the only ones hurt in that would be the innocents that Spike would undoubtedly kill. And Wesley wasn’t so far gone that he would allow something like that to occur.

So what was left to him? Something… anything that would make it painfully clear to Angel, just how much worse he could suffer than he already did. To teach him what it would really mean if Wesley had actually been out to hurt him. It wasn’t his fault that Connor had been taken, but now Angel would learn what it would have been like if Wesley had really intended to betray him.

“Spike! Here!” It was a simple command, and of course the vampire didn’t obey it. Wesley turned around and picked up the whip he’d left on the tombstone. Spike growled at him, his face changing to fangs and ridges. The beast jumped towards him after the second lash.

He was on the ground a second later, grabbing for his head. Wesley took the opportunity and lashed at his back, shredding the vampire’s shirt in the process. Spike grabbed for the whip and tried to stop it, but Wesley kicked him down. Any attempt from the blond to lunge at Wesley in order to defend himself failed due to the chip’s programming.

Another thing that Wesley had done before he’d set foot in the crypt. He’d checked up just exactly how far the chip would allow the vampire to go and then he’d found a way to beef up those limitations. It hadn’t been easy to find any of the remaining Initiative scientists, but once he had, the woman had been more than eager to cooperate in return for the money he’d offered. He’d been given a remote and it had been a matter of seconds to reset the chip’s sensitivity as soon as he’d got within a yard of the creature.

By now the vampire couldn’t even defend itself without getting a surge of pain bursting its brain apart. Metaphorically of course; Wesley had no intention to let his prey get away that quickly or that easily. No, by the time he was done, the vampire that Angelus had forged out of a former poet would be erased and there’d be nothing left but the ravaged remnants of Angelus’ perfect work of art. Oh his body might continue to exist, but see, Angel was an artist. An artist might allow for a work to disappear, even for it to be torn apart, but to see it destroyed, bit by bit, until nothing was left but a fresh new rock… to then watch that piece of work as it was resculpted into something new, something even better. No true master of the arts would ever accept that.

And maybe then, then he could get Angel angry enough to kill him once and for all, end it all, instead of forcing him to live with the dubious mercy of life outside of the champion’s circle.


In response to this request:

PAIRING: Wesley/Spike
GENRE: Slash
RATING: NC-17, please
DETAILS: A bitter Wesley with his throat recently healed (after Angel tried to smother him) seeks out Spike, finds him chipped and worthess for whatever plan he has, but perfectly fine for taking out his frustrations on.
Requested by fanbot on November 14, 2006.
Claimed by liliaeth on November 17, 2006.


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